Sport without borders

19 June 2019 um 09:30 – 12:30
Giardini di Via Carlo Marx (zona Soccorso)

The Polisportiva “Il Sogno” A.S.D. in collaboration with the Association Cieli Aperti and with the Uisp Prato, and with the patronage of the Municipality of Prato, proposes for 2019 the new edition of “Sport without borders”.

With this project we intend to give continuity and enhance the action carried out to date in the Prato area, creating recreational-sports events and socialization initiatives aimed in particular at young people aged 13 to 16 and young people between 16 and 25, especially migrants, who, for socio-economic reasons -cultural, they are excluded from competitive sports, but they have an interest in practicing sport and dealing with other local realities.

The project consists of different activities, the first involves a day of recreational-sports activities in the gardens of via Turchia ( San Giusto area), aimed at all children and young people who, from time to time or in a more assiduous manner, frequent this area. Motor routes, group games and traditional games will be offered and mini-tournaments will be held for 7-a-side football, basketball and volleyball.

The project consists of several activities as a third stage the project provides for the organization of two days of recreational-sports activities, aimed at all children and young people who, occasionally or in a more assiduous way, attend the space of the gardens. The kids can play traditional games and attend to mini-tournaments for five-a-side football and mixed volleyball.