Volley und Basket Turnier anzumelden

Das Basketballturnier beginnt und endet an Samstag 8. Juli (10.00-20.00) Um euch das Basketballturnier anzumelden,  bitte die Info lesen Das Volleyball-Turnier beginnt an Freitag 7. Juli (10.00-19.00) und endet an Samstag 9. More »


Einschreibung für Fußballturnier

Die Einschreibung für das Fußballturnier der Mondiali Antirazzisti 2016 hat begonnen! Bitte nehmt euch etwas Zeit beim Ausfüllen des Formulars, lasst keine Felder offen und spart uns ewiges Nachfragen bei dutzenden Teams More »


Neue Plakat!!!

Das ist das neue Plakat der Mondiali 2017! Danke an Matteo fur diese Arbeit. Fraun protagonist, Antirassismus, viel spass, sport und Musik! Die Anmeldung endet am 15. APRIL, bis bald!   More »

wir bereiten und Sie?

Wir bereiten Tag für Tag die Mondiali Antirazzisti 2017 vor. Und ihr? Wie trainiert ihr? Überlegt ihr wie die Tshirts in diesem Jahr aussehen sollen? Oder welche Materialien ihr für die Piazza Antirazzista oder als Geschenk für die anderen Teams einpacken sollt? 
Erzählt uns doch davon #mondialiantirazzisti. Schickt uns eure schönsten Fotos, wir veröffentlichen sie in den sozialen Medien und auf der Homepage. 

The music bands at Mondiali

Schließlich wird das Line-Up von Bands, die bei der Mondiali in diesem Jahr spielen werden.

Bald mehr Nachrichten, DJ-Sets und Überraschungen!


– fur Basket und Volley

The basket and volleyball tournaments are absolutely non competitive. so remember to play always respecting everybody. Mondiali wants to be the occasion evn for who never play to try a particular sport. Because we love always repeating sport is for all and everybody could do it fgollowing his/her own skills: lowering net and basket, upsetting the rules, changing the measure of the pitches… sport should be loved, adapted, upset, recreated.
If for including everybody we should change the rules… Let’s change!
Speaking about rules, pelase read carefully the rules of the volley tournament and the basketball one. We have a lot to discourage the hard game, we never applies, let’s continue in this direction!

– 2 fur basket und volley


You can register at the basket and volley tournaments also during the Mondiali and not only online, but also at the Infopoint (ask exactly the deadline for the registration). We can say that many teams born under the sun or in the camping, with people of different groups that unify together for composing a team. We love these teams much more!!! Mixing, welcoming, playing… winning is just a formality!!!

As for football even who is without a team can play, looking for someone who need player. He/she can register always at the Infopoint as a single player, don’t worry: we really make play everybody… it’s a menace!!!

-2 fur volley und basket


Remember to fulfill all the field required, especially if you registered also a team in other tournament, write down in the form, so we will avoid overlapping.

The responsible of all the sport tournaments are volunteers and work all day to permit each of you can have fun, the rounds are made in the late evenings, after a day on the pitches. They make miracles for making possible football, basketball and volleyball play in the same moment, permitting everybody to lay without choosing which sport. Matching rounds, time, pitches… we guarantee is a crazy work… so that we ask a bit of patience if sometime happens that it is not the best solution, in the best pitch, at the best time. You come at Mondiali to have fun, isn’t it?

But, please, fulfill if you registered other team, otherwise it’s really impossible!