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Ciao Madiba


UISP and Mondiali Antirazzisti are in grief for Nelson Mandela’s death, to whom UISP dedicated a prize during the ’90, reproposing during the World Cup in South Africa.


The free world cries for Nelson Mandela, icon of the ’900 for his struggle against apartheid. The 10th December there will be the national commemoration in the Johannesburg stadium. The solemn funeral will be Sunday the 15th December in Qunu, his family’s village.


UISP remembers Mandela, a man who loved sport because it reminds his ideals, freedom and equality, peace and reconciliation, liberation and solidarity, responsibility and sharing.


Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope, where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.”.


Many official UISP meetings programmed since today till Sunday will open reading this affirmation.


with him another piece of history is gone – said Carlo Balestri, responsible of UISP International policy – a man who is a fundamental story of the ’900, full of ideals and obstinate will of defending his values, not refusing also the more extreme consequences. A man symbol of the struggle against apartheid, he was and will be an example also for UISP: We learn how to work in Italy about intercultural and the use of sport abroad, in the areas tortured by wars, by famines, by the negation of the rights. UISP subsumes the engagement of walking on the street designed by Mandela and doing it through sport, as an instrument of peace, dialogue and struggle against all the discriminations, starting form the economical ones”


UISP dedicated to Mandela a price in the 1990 “Nelson Mandela – Sport and Solidarity”, then during the World Cup in South Africa on 2010, made a second edition celebrated by delegation of UISP at the Museum of Apartheid Johannesburg (Northern Parkway & Gold Reef Road). The price was in cooperation with the Italian antiracist organisation Benny Nato and supported by CONI and FIGC.


Raffaella Chiodo, UISP International Policy, was one of the main active coordinator of the Italian antiapartheid campaign. This is her remember:


Thanks Matiba father and guide for all of us.


A kind person, a kind fight. A human and political determination right and kind. There’s nothing of more true for me, for my generation and for our parents. An immeasurable strength, an delicate and modest example, but incredible strong from a political point of view. I can not imagine the defeat of apartheid without his intelligent, human and political guide. I repeat: human and political intelligence. His greatness is all here.


In the history many people has betrayed after the fights, revolutions, conquests. Not him. Mandela never. Maybe he gave his best after the liberation after 27 of prison, deep isolation, hard-labour.


He drove and build the transition phase from his liberation and the end of the interdition of the African National Congress, to the realisation of the first free and democratic elections in South Africa. A very difficult phase where it has been put the basis for the new democratic and social structure of the rainbow nation. In those years I had the possibility of following this process and the teaching is incalculable, deep and changes the forma mentis of the present and the future.


A rut which has impressed an ethical and political identity in all the action of struggle against racism, for the freedom of the people and the struggle against poverty, that after we built. An action called internationalism. A term which has an old evocation, but a sense really modern for who still believes that a different and fairer world is possible, and if the women and the men want is really possible. Very well underlined by Barak Obama, remembering what Mandela represented for him.


He taught us that is possible to defeat the relentless. That utopia is good and possible, that it comes true if the struggle is right and if it is morally and politically inflexible.


The many fights for the end of apartheid, the signature collections for his liberation, the engagement of the civil society, the associations, the parties, the trade unions, the Universities, the Municipalities and other local authorities, as the world of culture and music and in extraordinary way the world of sport, during these years have weaved a net made by women and men for the end of apartheid, for its political defeat. All of this it has been possible thanks the Mandela’shigh morality


Sport was able to do its job. Mandela gave sport a role and recognised the potentiality it can have, first during the fight and then in the difficult building of the rainbow nation. Is not a case that in his words Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope, where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.


UISP has done his part during the years of the fight against apartheid participating and promoting initiatives to denounces the hateful regime of the racial segregation and promoting its political and economical isolation, having an active part in the structure promoted by the Un against apartheid. The Mandela price in its first edition in Perugia in 1990 and in the last one in 2010 in Johannesburg during the World Cup, is an important evidence.


The struggle against racism and each form of discrimination we do everyday in the sport activities and in the thousands activities we do in the territories arrive to the Mondiali Antirazzisti, which involve thousands girls and boys who believe in a better world. A place where people meet together united in the idea that racism should be relegated in a Museum, not forgotten but in a continuous capability of facing it without hesitation and with bravery when it raise again. We have to read and interpret what happens in our societies, supporting process of meeting, knowledge, friendship and so it is possible the inclusion. This actions are a concrete evidence of how we could be better women and men. This actions are the more human and correct way to offer our tribute to a great man and a father who will be with us forever. The “long walk to freedom”, the one full and fair, is still in front of us and we should not forget, renewing every day.


Today in Italy the challenges are the fight for citizenship for migrant, the closure of the Structure for expulsion , the reception for who escape from poverty and war. On this side inspired by Madiba we will continue to fight till this human and inalienable right will be affirmed.


(Italiano) Mondiali Antirazzisti 2013: vince ancora l’eco-sostenibilità


Ciao Gianni


We will never forget your tireless will to give a hand in Bar&Breakfast restaurant, your candies, your grappas…

Above all, your smile that you used to give us when you saw us so tired, and the long chats to prepare Mondiali Antirazzisti, with thousands of ideas to develop.

You had been the daddy of us all, and will be like this forever.

A last toast Gianni.

SOS Mondiali Antirazzisti


For some years now the Mondiali have been at risk of closure due to lack of both public and private funding.


Every year the whole organization of the Mondiali led by Uisp makes efforts to continue this event that we all care so much about. It does this by trying to keep the spirit of the Anti-racism World Cup alive; a sporting and cultural event free for all.


We do not want to close them and that’s why we ask you to contribute. In the theme of crowd funding if everyone pitches in, we will reach the important figures that will allow us to survive.


We opened an account with Banca Prossima dedicated to the Mondiali:



Swift Code: BCITITMX


payable to UISP Mondiali


Reason: Donation Mondiali 2013


 As the Anti-Racism World Cup:


we want to continue running the event without sign up fees,


we want to continue to provide basic services (camping) for free,


we want to continue to maintain our status as an ECOFESTA,


we want to continue to provide free admission to concerts …


All this comes with a huge cost: renting the facilities, seting up the sports fields, the arena concerts, renting baths and showers, preparing all the restaurants and bars, giving simple travel reimbursements and meals to the volunteers who work for 3 weeks completely free, and paying the musicians (the most of which is only to reimbursement their costs).


Maintaining our ECOFESTA status is the primary cost: the environmentally sustainable materials are expensive, the provision of seperated waste bins for recycling, and providing free water for all.


This year the situation has certainly worsened due to the economic crisis in Italy (and Europe) and even more so due the political crisis and institutional vacuum that this nation is facing.  This has to scarce public funding as well as a reduced number of associations and private sponsors.


The Mondiali are at risk of dying.


If we do not achieve a balanced budget this year, itwill mean that the next year we will be forced to cancel the event, because Uisp will no longer be able to cover the yearly deficit.


Send us a check payable to: Mondiali 2013, with your name and email address so we can send a thank you email and a certificate of donation.


The survival of the World also depends on you!