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Le Coppe Dei Mondiali

Five days of sport, music and the environment to experience the value of sport against all discrimination. 132 football teams, 42 volleyball , 16 basketball teams, a total of 3,000 participants from More »

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Here you find the match calendar 2018: we are 132 teams, 22 rounds and 11 pitch.

Be patient with the responsible of the tournament, because for managing everything they will need your collaboration. Read carefully the rules of the tournament before arriving in Bosco Albergati and come at the Infopoint for a cheer and info.

Enjoy the tournament and have fun!!!


Press conference


Playing to believe: in Castelfranco Emilia from 4 to 8 July

 The Mondiali Antirazzisti, the UISP festival against discrimination

The 2018 edition it has been innagurated by Mario Balotelli:“Because of the law, I played for the national team only after 18 years. It was hard” Bologna, June 28 – “Unfortunately, even in the sport that we love, football, racism is present. Italy is not a racist country, but the racists are there. The task of all is to isolate these people, to make their medieval thought ridiculous. We must take action in the first person, denounce all forms of discrimination we witness or are victims of “. This is the message with which, in video, Mario Balotelli has opened the press conference of the Mondiali Antirazzisti, the UISP festival against all discrimination.

For 22 years the Mondiali has been a concrete form of combating discrimination through all sports. 140 teams will be protagonists in 2018, 62% of which are mixed teams by gender and origin. 21 teams host migrants and refugees and 10 those composed of ultras groups, the original protagonists of the event, who reject the racist and violent stereotype of the fans. And if the kick-off is scheduled for 3 pm on Thursday 5 July, a special opening of the activities in the Piazza Antirazzista will be reserved for the meeting with ActionAid, protagonist starting from 4 July of a workshop of knowledge and exchange between students of the project Agent0011: an opportunity to frame the projects of empowerment and advocacy in Bangladesh, India and Kenya in the context of the Agenda 2030.

A special eye to the rules with which such different teams are faced because we have fun experimenting, to raise the level of integration. The goal is not to win but to transmit an important message!  ANTI-RACISM!

The Mondiali  also promote the enhancement of women in sport, as Katia Serra, head of women’s football in the Italian Footballers’ Association, said: “I’m proudly play at the Mondiali Antirazzisti in that 62% of mixed teams. As Aic we consider it an important signal for the football world, usually only for men. Football is a sport that helps build personality. We believe in this educational value for the players and players of tomorrow, who are primarily citizens “.

The defense of rights has always been at the center of this event. This is the reason why Eccar, the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism, sponsored it, rewarding it and considering it one of the best European experiences for inclusion.

Freedom, fun and sport are the key to the success of this initiative – said Mauro Rozzi, president of the UISP Emilia-Romagna – and they are often today threatened”. The Mondiali Antirazzisti, as well as a big party, stand as a free territory, “in which to put back the fun into the sport , the movement, the pleasure for the game and its value”.

Playing to believe!

New poster of Mondiali


And here’s finally this year’s poster! We hope you like it, it is a design made by Franziska (Francesca Casano), which perhaps someone already knows for having created the Comic Chart of the “European Charter of Women’s Rights in Sport” written by Uisp and other European partners.
A poster that wants to reiterate strongly that the Mondiali are for equal opportunities for all. Also this year, fundamental themes will be those linked to the fight against sexism, homophobia and transphobia.
But of course we will not forget to continue talking about refugees, the duty to save lives and anti-fascism … because it seems that lately in Europe we have forgotten the value of human life.