Registration open for volley and basket

The Basketball tournament will be on Saturday 8 July (10AM-08PM) Each team must wear jerseys of the same colour. We ask all teams to register as soon as possible. Please have a look More »


Registration for football tournament

Registrations to the 2016 Antiracist World Cup is now open! Please give yourself some time to fill in ALL sections: you’ll save us time and more work to contact you asking you More »


The new Poster!!!

This is the new poster of the Mondiali 2017! Thanks to Matteo for this wonderful work. Women protagonist, antiracism, lots of fun, sport and music! Registration will open on 15th APRIL, stay More »

We are preparing and you?


We are working now every day to prepare for the Mondiali 2017? And you? How are you training? Are you preparing special t-shirts? Or the materials to bring for the Piazza Antirazzista or to give it to other teams?
Why do not you tell us by always using #mondialiantirazzisti when you publish in the different social? We will publish the most beautiful photos on Fb and on the site.

The music bands at Mondiali

Finally the line up of the bands that will play this year at the Mondiali.

Soon more news, djset and surprises!


From Mondiali to DiMondi


Friday, May 5, Vag61 will host the first official public presentation of the “DiMondi Tournament“. Which tournament is it? And why are we are heartfelt?

First of all, because it is the smallest of our “children”, it is at its second year of life and already strives to become great. And then because it gathers the spirit of our event completely, reselling rules and rankings with the aim of making everyone play.

But let’s try to understand more. It is self-organized and itinerant, this year there will be 16 teams divided into two groups and will play in eight days in the parks, gardens and sports centers of Bologna and the surrounding area.

It is a project born with the intent of creating social relationships, going to scare down social barriers that limit membership. Participants come from deeply different social categories and life experiences, which rarely have opportunities to meet and share. Thanks to the passion for popular sport, a true common language, the basis is the desire to know, have fun and weave communicative networks. The message is clear: sport is antiracist, antifascist, antisexist and against all kinds of discrimination.

The tournament applies an inclusive and heterogeneous football approach: the different sports skills do not count against the shared global experience. With the intention of resizing the agonistic tension to victory, not only the matches are arbitrary cars, but the “traditional” ranking associated with the field results is accompanied by a new ranking, renamed “presabbene” (in Bologna slang is “happy”). This different ranking has scores related to how each team stays, respecting shared rules and opponents, and overall about how to play in the day. Thanks to the “presabbene ramking” and the monthly attendance rate, one can create a solid and inclusive play environment: the competitive tension decreases and increases the ability to meet and recognize in and out of the field.

Another interesting element is that every day is organized by one of the participating teams, following its modalities and its cultural and political social interests. This means finding space for games, possibly creating playgrounds and organizing the third time. The third time, which takes place at the end of the games, is the time of sharing and knowledge par excellence. You eat and drink together, discuss, chat, joke.

The tournament teams are all familiar for the Mondiali Antirazzisti:

Il Grinta, Progetto Ultrà, Diavoli Rossi, Atlantide, Hic Sunt Leones, Kick the Rich, Lungoreno Fc, Sim Xm24, Zac-Republic, Brigata della Pace, Bugs Bologna, Calcetto Misto, Leib, Partizan Bolognina, Csapsa, Senzatomica.

Do you want to know what does it means “DiMondi”? Watch the video! And for non Italian speakers DiMondi is a slang expression means “a lot”!


Muntari, the point of no return.


Unfortunately, there is nothing to be surprised but that’s exactly what scares me. We can not “get used to” racism and everyone – the media, primarily football and sports institutions in general – should be strict and clear about what happened to Muntari.

Everyone should do better and more of his own part, including civil society. But there is always a limit that is overcome, sometimes slowly, sometimes at step. Cagliari football pitch is one of those steps. One of those that should trigger another step, that one of public opinion, starting with football lovers. The rod of tolerance rises and takes on the habit of things that at different times would have caused a stir and at least led to a solidarity with Muntari. Instead, we are here to comment on the latest episode of racism and what is worse in its tolerance and ultimately in the crowding of punishments: the punishment for those who can no longer bear the constant and repeated humiliation in silence.

Muntari has the blame to be a person who is accustomed to the color of his skin to suffer from racism expressed more or less explicitly, simply this time he did not swallow it all up and keep playing. He has the guilty of not having found in himself for the once again the strength to pretend nothing. His words after the game on the TV’s microphones were a slump for us all. He spoke of the child he had noticed right in the middle of the area from which the racist chorus came. He talked about how instinctive he did to do something that could be useful, for example, to break the picture of a “normality” of those choirs by giving his parents a tie.

For this his behavior the football justice has condemned him. Needless to find “sports” explanations to the thing. This decision was made even after knowing all the features of the incident. Without excuses, therefore, for anyone who could have been told that he had not been able to know how the facts really did. The fear that even this opportunity was lost by Italian football to make a clear and clear turn against any form of racism has proved to be justified and, if possible, even worse. How sad is the reality of this divided Italy as always between solidarity and responsible citizens who are responsible for the care of those who need help and who instead represent the part of free selfishness and gratuity.

So if Muntari is an example for the UN High Commissioner, here the Sports Court expels him and he is put off with a stop in the championship. A paradox par excellence. Moreover, it is something in perfect harmony with the climate of a country that sees on the one hand those who accuse NGOs of making money with traffickers and others who work every day to overcome the sense of humanity we have lost. Sentinels of lost humanity toward which we should show our full gratitude for saving human lives, and also our face in the face of those who desperately seek salvation today.

Lidia Menapace partisan woman once said that if she had learned something from the experience of the struggle with resistance to Nazi-fascism, it was that when we witness an episode that provokes our indignation, which we find civilly intolerable, we must react immediately, do not wait and become irreversible. Now, what is that point, that episode that marks the point of no return? For me and so many antiracists has already been scored for a long time, but yesterday in the field and with the decision of the punishment for Muntari has passed the insuperable. It should lead to a consequent reaction to the situation. Without if and but.Now. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said “Muntari is inspirational to all of us who are dealing with human rights and that the issue of racism requires more attention from FIFA and finally that racism and any expression of intolerance can not be found in large sports events”.

For my part, I would like to add that this phenomenon is widespread at all levels and something is known to the players of the Liberi Nantes refugees  and asylum seekers who in their third category championship usually face racism demonstrations inside and outside the playground. So we expect clear words and measures from those who have the power to make decisions in football institutions.

(Raffaella Chiodo Karpinksy, chairwoman rete FARE)

– 1 for basket and volley

The basket and volleyball tournaments are absolutely non competitive. so remember to play always respecting everybody. Mondiali wants to be the occasion evn for who never play to try a particular sport. Because we love always repeating sport is for all and everybody could do it fgollowing his/her own skills: lowering net and basket, upsetting the rules, changing the measure of the pitches… sport should be loved, adapted, upset, recreated.
If for including everybody we should change the rules… Let’s change!
Speaking about rules, pelase read carefully the rules of the volley tournament and the basketball one. We have a lot to discourage the hard game, we never applies, let’s continue in this direction!