The new Poster!!!

This is the new poster of the Mondiali 2017! Thanks to Matteo for this wonderful work. Women protagonist, antiracism, lots of fun, sport and music! Registration will open on 15th APRIL, stay More »


Mondiali Antirazzisti 2017

Mondiali Antirazzisti 5.9 July 2017 Bosco Albergati – Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) More »



GoALL is a brand new project which aims to bring female and mixed teams to Mondiali Antirazzisti, in order to take a stance against gender-based discrimination and to promote female attendance in the main football tournament. Its purpose is to be a meeting point, where different backgrounds will challenge each other on equal terms  and share experiences through workshops and panel discussions

Ciao Papero


He has been part of the Mondiali Antirazzisti’s crew since the first editions.

A very important element for the Porgetto Ultrà’s archive.

An important referring point for the Italian Fans Embassy in all the international football matches.

A friend.

When he disagreed his mumble was clearly heard, he puzzled, he commented and you knew that it was time to have a beer and starting again the conversation.

He was Papero, that incidentally at the Register Office was known as Andrea, but after a while everybody forgot his name.

“Who is on pitch number 1 and 2?


“Ah ok, we are safe!

“So start the list of the Djset, who plays on Friday at the bar?


We make an enormous effort in describe you, because each of us remember memories of each type: who shared with you the stands in the stadium of football or basketball, who knew you through your music ska or mod, who knew on the Mondiali’s pitches while you were mediating between the teams or taking the results, who shared with you hot or raining days giving info at the Italian fans. And so, each of us has a special thought, the memory of your plain or sullen smile, of your brown eyes, of the many things made together.

And we make a great effort because the words staying in the throat, because none of us really want to believe.

Ciao Papero, we’ll miss you all.