Thanks a lot for the donation of Mondiali Antirazzisti 2016

As every year we asked all the teams a support for giving Mondiali the possibilities of going on in offering free services to all: playing and participate to each sport tournament (because More »

Match Calendar!!!


Here you find the Match Calendar: we are 184 teams, 30 rounds and 15 pitches!

This year we were really a lot, but we try to have all on board.

Be patient with the responsible of the tournament, because for managing everything they will need your collaboration:

Enjoy the tournament and have fun!!!

Do you want some numbers?

Austria: 2 teams; Belgium: 1 team; Denmark: 1 team; Europe: 1 team; World: 1 team; France: 8 teams; Germany: 20 teams; Italy: 144 teams; Poland: 3 teams; England: 2 teams; Scotland: 1 team.

4 teams only women; 108 mixed teams (about 60%) and 72 only man.

About 15 teams composed by kids and young people and more than 70 nationalities.

More than this we cannot!!! Thanks all :)

Sport torunaments: closing of the registration


The registration for the football tournament will close compulsory on June the 29th! You are so many that it will be harder than ever to create the pools.

For what concern the other tournaments: female football, basketball and volleyball, there is still time during Mondiali, you can go to the Infopoint or send an email to teams@mondialiantirazzisti.org

Finally, we have the complete program for rugby and touch rugby. Go and see when we play, sign up to try or play, just send and email to teams@mondialiantirazzisti.org or ask at the Infopoint during Mondiali.

Aren’t you curious about Lacrosse and Tchoukball? Come and try what our Lacrosse’s friends have in store for you.

Soon we will also introduce you another sport: the Zurhkaneh, directly from the ancient Persia.


As usual, we will try to make miracle and please everyone’s requests regarding the playing time. Nevertheless, we demand patience and respect from you towards who has the difficult duty to put together more than 170 teams, making them play in 2 and a half days.

As usual, there will be a match for everyone on Thursday, three matches on Friday and one on Saturday. We will come back to you with more information in the next days.

The boards will be published on the website at the beginning of July.

We remind to all the teams that this is a non-competitive tournament and it’s made in order to have fine. No football shoes admitted on the fields.

Last recommendation. If one of the teams already registered cannot make it, please let us know in time. We ask especially in sign of respect to the other teams that come to Mondiali to have fun. Every year, there are some teams that don’t show up, and this is a problem for the team in that pool, forced to skip a match. Who comes to Mondiali doesn’t want a competitive tournament, and a match win by forfeit is not a victory but a missing chance to have fun.

So, if for any reason you can no longer participate, send an email to teams@mondialiantirazzisti.org

To Mondiali with Bla Bla Car


Big news this year: use the biggest car sharing of Europe

Car Sharing