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Registrations to the 2016 Antiracist World Cup is now open! Please give yourself some time to fill in ALL sections: you’ll save us time and more work to contact you asking you More »


The new Poster!!!

This is the new poster of the Mondiali 2017! Thanks to Matteo for this wonderful work. Women protagonist, antiracism, lots of fun, sport and music! Registration will open on 15th APRIL, stay More »

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Is it possible to register only already formed team? If we are in 6 we can come anyway? I don’t have a team, but I wish to play, how could I do?

In Mondiali everybody plays! And we love the team who play together, exchanging players, welcome some other without a team or the one who wants to play 10 match per day!

During the year some wonderful fusion was born, as the one between Amnesty International from Bologna and Red Zombies from Berlin, that since year they register only a mixed team.

How to do? Very easy: come at the tournament and ask around, you’ll find team can welcome you on board! Or ask at the office of the tournament, the fantastic team of volunteers who organise all the sports activities will help you.

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–  2!!!

Do you want to know what does it means non competitive tournament? Do you want to understand the spirit to come at the Mondiali?

Let’s inspire by the winner of the FairPlay Cup 2016 the team from Marseille Non di Caso. A very simple idea: to change the rules. Reason: have fun. Goal: stay together. Results: all winners.

How do they realised all of this? With a box and a dice. The match starts in the usual way 7vs7, pic altogether and shaking hand. But at a certain point the box appears and one of the teams rolls the dice and the number indicate a proper change in the rule: 1. exchange of players; 2. playing with 2 balls; 4. only the goalkeepers play…

This was the most preferite team against whom everybody wanted to play! And in this small video you see gainst the winner of the Mondiali Antirazzisti Cup, the United Glasgow. The music is by Rfc, the official anthem of Mondiali.

When you register start thinking how to amaze the other team. You need really few thing: fantasy, want to have fun and knowledge.

Because the Mondiali haven’t got any wall, barriers or frontiers, but only open doors.

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– 3!!!!

Someone of you want to try to guess how many teams we will have this year? We think it will be more than ever and so even the calendar will become a bit more complicated, we also thinking to do some surprise.

The match calendar will be ready at the beginning of July… how we can read it?

If you don’t understand come to the Infopoint, we will explain everything, or… do it as Adelmo Cervi done, ask around to not lose any match of your favourite team.

Adelmo embodies the spirit of Mondiali: age doesn’t stop him, neither the belonging to a shirt because he plays with everybody, hot day he doesn’t care going on playing in all the pitches!

What we have in common with Adelmo? #antifascism #antiracism #memory

And in the evening on the stage singing Bella Ciao with all the bands: compagno Adelmo, thanks to be always with us!

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–  4!!!

In Italy is starting the hot season, spring is arrived with sunny and warm day e we immediately thought about the starting day of Mondiali 2016.

Do you remember it? Full of kids of the summer camps, chanting and waving flags welcome all the teams.

So, this year we will do it again! The ceremony of start will be FOR ALL TEAM at 3.00 PM!!!!!

A general party altogether to toast for peace, friendship and welcoming.

… and remember about 15th April… stay tuned!!!



GoALL is a brand new project which aims to bring female and mixed teams to Mondiali Antirazzisti, in order to take a stance against gender-based discrimination and to promote female attendance in the main football tournament. Its purpose is to be a meeting point, where different backgrounds will challenge each other on equal terms  and share experiences through workshops and panel discussions