The Trophies of the Mondiali 2013

Le premiazioni dei Mondiali 2013 - foto di Antonio Marcello - Shoot4Change
Le premiazioni dei Mondiali 2013 - foto di Antonio Marcello - Shoot4Change


Here is the complete list of cup winners for the 2013 edition of the Mondiali Antirazzisti


Coppa Mondial Antirazzisti:  RFC Ska Lions Caserta.  A club that was created in 2011 by four local youths who share a passion for sport and music.  Beyond fielding a team of mainly migrants and political refugees, the club volunteers its time to refurbish abandoned football pitches as well as other public spaces. There, they host activities for children who would otherwise not have a space in which to play. In this edition of the Mondiali, they also organised the tchoukball tournament, and trained several other teams during the run-up to the festival.

Coppa Invisibili:  Liberi Nantes.  Liberi Nantes FC play in the Roman third division, and this year they arrived second in the league with 61 points.  However,  because they field a team of players that are not Italian citizens, their result was no recognised by the football federation.

Coppa KM:  Yap Volunteers + YOUNET.  This is a group of young people from who came from South Korea, Taiwan, Kenya, Ghana, El Salvador, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, France, England, and Russia. Symbolically, the prize went to all 400 volunteers that made the Mondiali Antirazzisti possible.  Those who worked in the bars, the restaurants, the warehouse, the parking, the administration, the infopoint. Those who ran the sports competitions, the moderators in the Piazza Antirazzista, the sound engineers, the security team, and the volunteers of the Citta degli alberi.

Coppa Kick Sexism:  Atlantide.  A Punk LGBTQ group from Bologna that has fought against discrimination and supported gender equality initiatives for a number of years.

Piazza Antirazzista: Lowen Fans Gegen Rechts.  The prize for best original exhibition prepared for the Piazza Antirazzista goes to the boys from Monaco.

Coppa Fairplay: Settefonti. Having participated with three different teams this year, this club has been praised by our referees for years for their fair play and positive attitude on the pitch.

Coppa Ultra:  KVB – Quelli della Vecchia Bari.  An ultras group that decided to come to the Mondiali Antirazzisti to recount their own experiences in dealing with fascism in their terraces.

Coppa Bagna:  Boycott Granarolo.  A group that carries on plight of migrants that have been hired by the Granarolo company

7-a-side football tournament.

First Place: Liberi Nantes

Second Place: Rfc Ska Lions Caserta

Third Place:  Start Lazionet

Women’s 7-a-side football tournament:  International Republic of Leeds

Basketball tournament:  Arranged Team

Volleyball Tournament:  Lokomotiv Zapata

Cricket tournament:  Garibaldi 2 Calderara Cricket

Tchoukball tournament:  I porci comodi