Let’s support the Mondiali Antirazzisti

Last year we launched a SOS because the Mondiali risked to death, due to the lack of funding. All of you replied donating any possible sum, anyway few money in many people means lot!

We want to THANK all the groups who organised supporting dinner, who sold materials for supporting Mondiali.

This idea was very good and that means the Mondiali Antirazzisti are becoming more and more our Mondiali, because everyone made a contribution. This experiment of crowd funding worked so good and so we ask to do the same also this year.

If you can organise festivals, dinners, debate to promote the Mondiali just ask us for the new postcard, we can send some promotional materials.

We opened an account with Banca Prossima dedicated to the Mondiali:


Swift Code: BCITITMX

payable to UISP Mondiali

Reason: Donation Mondiali 2014

we want to continue running the event without sign up fees,

we want to continue to provide basic services (camping) for free,

we want to continue to maintain our status as an ECOFESTA,

we want to continue to provide free admission to concerts …

This year is our 18th Birthday, 18 editions always lived in an enthusiastic way. We see the joy in the eyes of our 400 volunteers who every year help in realising the activities. We see the same joy in your eyes when you come and participate to all the activities, dance in the concerts and sing in the restaurants.

We grow up, we become older together and we want continue to meet all together every year. For many of you Mondiali are a important date not to be skipped and for us of the organisation Mondiali are one the goal for going on.

Mondiali Antirazzisti changed during the years, they grow up in term of numbers, activities, ideas and many proposals came just from you. Let’s do it again!

We change many houses, but the last one we found we think is a very good home: Bosco Albergati is the place that give us the opportunity to realise our village of sport against discrimination!

Le’ts continue to support the Mondiali Antirazzisti as you can, because we want to go on!