When the emigrants were us: the importance of the stories

History is made by the single stories of each one of us, individual, invisible and daily protagonists who contribute to create the great collective tale, to make the plurality. This year “Mondiali Antirazzisti” celebrates exactly these stories and their narrations. fundas samsung galaxy a40 Memory is what helps us to build the future, “a community without memory is a community without future” (Luis Sepulveda), because it prevents from forgetting the mistakes and doing them again.

70 years after the end of the great conflict, 70 years after the liberation from the Nazi-fascism and from the birth of democracy, in Italy finally women had the right to vote. Liberation, but liberations there have been a lot, to which every one has contributed in his/her own way. Real protagonists, real women, often invisible and forgotten: partisan dispatch riders. Women, who with a bicycle brought messages and supplies, connected hiding fighters to the city, telling what was happening there. custodia cover iphone An everyday tale made of information about family – “Yes, they are all good; Mariuccia got the fever” – discussions on politics and war. fundas huawei y6 2017 fundas huawei p8 lite Children of that time, now women who keep narrating, with no intention of showing off, only for not forget, for not repeat the mistakes.

And Resistances keep going on every day. There are stories from refugees landing on our coasts, with the only hope of finding a better world. Stories of migrations, of escapes from war, violence, famine, but stories of landing, rebirth and solidarity as well. fundas huawei p8 lite 2017 Tales from who runs tangled to the tales of the different organizations that remain, help and ask for equal right for everyone. fundas iphone 6 6s These stories cross their path with the sad and terrifying history made by politicians taking advantages, criminals exploiting migrations, of countries with close borders and migrants got blocked in some train stations, in a no-man land. fundas huawei y5 2018 fundas huawei y6 2018 Images from the past emerge, train stations with migrant signs: the red zone in which we Italians were confined. samsung hoesje Courses and historical claims. Stories of social inequality and discrimination, stories of desecrated environment, of pollution and waste to which try to find an answer through small everyday actions and learn together how to change our behaviors.

And again, “glory and misery of the game of football”. Misery of FIFA, the slips over bananas’ peel and 4 lesbians in Italian football, the glory of the genuine and clean sport (luckily not just ours) and the betrayed passion of the supporters.

What is more, there are different ways to tell these stories: oral narration, writing, video, photography, dance, theatre, comics… The thousands ways for tell the existence, the intimate and individual existence and the collective existence, the one who generates the movements.

All this and much more this year will be represented inside “Mondiali Antirazzisti”.