Match Calendar!!!

Here you find the Match Calendar: we are 184 teams, 30 rounds and 15 pitches!

This year we were really a lot, but we try to have all on board.

Be patient with the responsible of the tournament, because for managing everything they will need your collaboration:

Enjoy the tournament and have fun!!!

Do you want some numbers?

Austria: 2 teams; Belgium: 1 team; Denmark: 1 team; Europe: 1 team; World: 1 team; France: 8 teams; Germany: 20 teams; Italy: 144 teams; Poland: 3 teams; England: 2 teams; Scotland: 1 team.

4 teams only women; 108 mixed teams (about 60%) and 72 only man. custodia iphone fundas huawei p30 pro fundas samsung galaxy j5 About 15 teams composed by kids and young people and more than 70 nationalities. fundas samsung galaxy a40 fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus fundas samsung galaxy j3 More than this we cannot!!! Thanks all 🙂