Thanks a lot for the donation of Mondiali Antirazzisti 2016

As every year we asked all the teams a support for giving Mondiali the possibilities of going on in offering free services to all: playing and participate to each sport tournament (because sport is a right), having a good camping (because welcoming is for all), free water (because water is a right), free concerts and debates (because culture and fun are a right), use of garbage selection and eco materials (because nature protecting is a duty) and cheap prices in the bar and restaurant… all of this has a cost and Mondiali Antirazzisti alone is not able to support.

We are sorry noticing that on 184 football teams only 38 has decided to leave a donation. fundas huawei p9 lite custodia cover iphone fundas iphone xr Maybe somebody left an anonymous donation at Inforpoint or reception, but we are sorry that Mondiali has a lot of high costs and to have the possibilities to go on in this way we really need the little help of everybody.

So that if for next year everybody put in account to give a small contribution we will go on in offering the same quality of the service for all, even for the people who really have problem in putting money.

Anyway, we know perfectly that for some team it is really difficult to collect money, but nevertheless they wanted to add their contribution.

THANKS A LOT. fundas samsung galaxy s7 fundas samsung galaxy s10e fundas iphone xs max

And in particular thanks to:

  1. Fondazione Matteo Bagnaresi
  2. Polisportiva Ex-travaganti – Gus di Macerata (Association who works with refugees)
  3. Polisportiva Zelig
  4. Associazione Avvocati di Strada
  5. Trattoria Bracesco
  6. Porno Villa Fc from Bochum
  7. Bugs Bologna Asd
  8. Kommando Horst Hrubech from Tubingen
  9. Libera
  10. Movimento 5 palle
  11. The Spliff
  12. Educativa di Strada Quartiere Savena
  13. Lowen Fans Gegen Rechts da Monaco
  14. Start Lazionet
  15. Ac Paco Rigore
  16. Goodfellas
  17. Bosco team
  18. Liberi Nantes ASD (team composed by asylum seekers and refugees)
  19. Eternit
  20. Guidati dal Lambrusco carpi
  21. Gladiators Nimes
  22. Droogs Francoforte
  23. Resistenza Francoforte
  24. Associazione Arteria Yepp Porta Palazzo (association who work with young disadvantaged people)
  25. Balotta Continua
  26. Dresdner Bengel from Dresda
  27. Progetto Ultrà
  28. Progetto Ultrà Junior
  29. Antifa Roma
  30. Brigata della Pace
  31. Cusb
  32. Ultras Marsiglia
  33. Bios Lab
  34. Dinamo Dresda from Dresda
  35. Antifà paesà
  36. Non di caso from Marsiglia
  37. Rotern Stern Leipzig from Lipsia
  38. Amnesty International Bologna
  39. Les Sardines du Pharo from Marsiglia

Moreover, we wish to thanks who gave his/her contribution working as volunteer (the big world of Uisp, Bologna Antirazzista, all people fallen in love for Mondiali Antirazzisti and the group of Modena) and all the people who lived an individual donation.

#tuttisiamoMondialiAntirazzisti #weareallMondialiAntirazzisti