Every year in June we have to close the latest preparations for Mondiali. On one side there is the adrenaline for the beginning of a new edition and the happiness of meeting old and new friends. On the other hand, there is the tension to be able to prepare everything to welcome everybody. Organizing an event is not easy and every year finding funds that support it becomes more and more difficult and we often wonder if we will be really able to organise all. For example, have you ever guess how much it costs to install baths and showers and when are the first preparatory meetings?

And so the months before July we pass between a swing of feelings that makes us going up and down. We have often wondered in these years: what makes us go on?
The first answer is easy: all the people who come every year, all those who cannot come write us and follow on social network, those who arrive for the first time and before they go tell us: goodbye to the next year. In short, the great and varied people of the Mondiali.

The second answer is that the Mondiali are still terribly needed. We really want one day to close them…

No, don’t be scared! We would like only to change the name, change the skin. Because it would mean that we would win the battle against discrimination, against social exclusion, against all forms of racism.

On the contrary, every day we see terrible images and the thing that hurt us more is the feeling of refusal, of denial that we find more and more often in our societies that are closing in high walls of fears and hatred. Imperceptible and latent walls built inside the soul of people and real walls that someone wants to keep erecting. And behind these walls there is another disturbing feeling, that one of those who are not anymore indignant, who are almost accustomed to.

The refusal of welcoming: they are too many, we have no space, we cannot welcome all.

And then people continue to die in what was once the most important communication route among people now is a sea that divides and causes death. And the last frustration of those who refuse is the attack on those who try to save human lives, to those who travel along the sea to offer hands and arms to pull on one and another. And back to putting everything in the same container: we cannot accommodate everyone and who wants it makes it for money, there is no other reason.

The refusal of accepting different sexual orientation or gender identity: it is amoral, not natural, against each logic.

So people is forced to hide in some countries and to deny his/her own sexuality or transition in peacefulness, without being pointed by someone, or considered monsters. The right to be loved and to love. Of being themselves.

The refusal of equal opportunity: women cannot do all the sport, women ca not being managers because of their period, they’ve got the kids (or better they should do them), it is enough they do sport.
And then women have to continue in combatting for having recognised their rights, and to demonstrate how many the stereotypes are, and that the equal opportunity is not reached anymore.
We want to continue to get angry, to fight, do not put down the Tommie Smith’s fist. But we want to do it with the spirit of the entire event done by smiles, music and knowledge, sport and debates, friendship among the teams which born in the camping, chants singed together
Fellows Bella Ciao, always with the same will to shout altogether

No Racism! No Fascism! Love Football!