Bus nearby the Mondiali site

mappaprontobusThe Modena Mobility Agency (AMO) has decided to support the Mondiali  this year by providing a Prontobus call service.

In particular, on 5-6-7 and 9 July, an extraordinary and provisional stop is planned at Via Cassola, called Bosco Albergati (800 meters from the Festival), which will allow you arrive at the festival from the other part (including the Castelfranco train station or the stop of the bus number 87 in Cavazzona). The stop will be reachable with the Prontobus from Wednesday to Friday (7 am to 12 pm and 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm).

On Sundays, exceptionally, the service will be activated from 7am to 12pm and from 2.30pm to 7.30pm for the only territory of Castelfranco Emilia, just at the event.

The Prontobus must be booked by calling from 8 to 17:45 at 840001100, at least 60 minutes before the trip. If you would like to set up a trip for Sunday 9th,  you must call it the day before your departure because the call center is only in service until 17.45 on Saturday, July 8th.

The ticket is like a bus and can be done directly on the Prontobus.

More detailed information on Castelfranco Prontobus is available on the website http://www.setaweb.it/mo/Prontobus/3 or by calling 840000216.