Ilaria Cucchi woman of the year

Ilaria Cucchi​  named woman of the year by D – la Repubblica, for her commitment to the right to justice for all. 

During the last year’s World Cup, we had the pleasure of having Ilaria with us and to give her the Invisible Cup.Normally this cup is assigned to those people or social realities that for different reasons can not participate in the Mondiali.

This year we finally managed to deliver it to those who after years of “invisibility” won his battle: to get justice for his brother Stefano, who died in 2009 while he was in custody due to a police beating. After years of denial of the truth, of smearing even of the Cucchi family, of doctors and carabinieri acquitted, justice is done with a sentence in July 2017.Ilaria is a strong and determined woman who in recent years has left us strong and exciting testimonies. He also did it on our pitches, kicking off the stage and picking up the cup reminded us of the importance of continuing to fight, the need to assert our rights, not to stop seeking truth and dignity for people. 

This cup could not go in ever better, Ilaria has always declared “I will continue to give voice to all the other Stefano that nobody will ever hear, to give my children, and the children of the overpowers, the hope of growing in a society more just without victims of the discretion of power, without families deprived of the freedom to privately live the grief of their loved ones”.

Thanks Ilaria, your smile and your strength gives us the hope to continue to hope for a better world and to always continue to fight against discrimination, even when the whole world seems against.