Le Coppe Dei Mondiali

Five days of sport, music and the environment to experience the value of sport against all discrimination.

132 football teams, 42 volleyball , 16 basketball teams, a total of 3,000 participants from various parts of Europe and representing over 80 nationalities. A party in the field and outside, with music and debates, with lots of support and choirs.

The most important cup the Coppa Mondiali Antirazzistit, has been assigned to the realities that organize anti-racist sports activities in the area, went to JOC United, a Belgian association that has participated with four teams from four different cities. The purpose of this association is to allow young people to meet and act together for a more democratic and supportive society, organizing events, manifestations and projects throughout the country.

All the finals were played on July 7th. For football with the classic rite of penalties that saw the leadership of the Cooperativa L’angolo, a recovery community of Castelfranco Emilia, beating Lazionet. The basketball has seen the team of Nueter of Bologna excel, while the volleyball Amendola Park always Modena.

The Coppa Fair Play has been won by Schalker Rosinenbomber the guys from Gelsenkirchen for years come to the Mondiali with the right spirit: they play with all the teams, they cheer for everyone, they bring joy and also a lot of madness. to award the award, Les Sardines du Pharo that this year have proposed themselves as “Fans without frontiers” offering their fans to anyone who needs them and Senzatomica who have invented a game to play during the games.

The Matteo Bagnaresi Cup was won by Yepp Porta Palazzo, an association of Turin that works with young people to recover a degraded area.

The Coppa invisibili, born in 2009 to remember the deaths at sea and all those people who can not participate in the Mondiali, was once again dedicated to the victims of migration in this phase when governments across Europe do not guarantee safety to people departing for look for a better life. A Cup that shout out against the rebirth of intolerance and closure, against the incapacity of states to think about welcoming solutions and humanity.

Finally, the Coppa Hande Kader, a Turkish activist for the rights of LGBTQI people killed in August 2016, was assigned to the women’s team of the Peace Brigades of Bologna.

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