Mondiali Antirazzisti: a new chapter

We have been very quiet these past few months and we know that we have caused some concern in many of you.

But we took some time to reflect on the Mondiali Antirazzisti: 22 extraordinary years, incredible editions, thousands of smiling faces and sweaty bodies, hundreds of different cultures, diversity in every field.  The greatest satisfaction for us, however, is that the seed of Mondiali has sprung up a bit everywhere: there are those who have created mini-mondiali in their own city or in their own country; who gave birth to sports associations that work with migrants and refugees; those who have begun to work on the topic of the fight against homophobia and transphobia.

The present and the past are always weighed in important reflections. The present and the past often help to find the way for the future. For this reason we thought that the Mondiali had beaten their time and, for continuing to sprout, they had to change radically. But this does not mean that the Mondiali Antirazzisti are over, indeed, like the Arabian Phoenix, they rise from the ash and change skin.

They will therefore be different from the past.

What are the news? First of all, the Mondiali wants to be more inclusive and fit into a broader fight against discrimination movement. With this in mind, they want to be the driving force of the Uisp campaign: “The Almanac of antiracist initiatives 2019” which, understanding the experience of the Mondiali Antirazzisti, wants to embrace and promote the many initiatives that are already active in the various territories.

For this reason, we ask you to let us know about your antiracist activities (be they tournaments, festivals, debates, etc.) together with a small description of the content and then proceed with the promotion of a single campaign, which can preserve the particularity of the territorial context, but in the at the same time provide homogeneity among those taking place in any other part of Italy. It is a way of telling you that the Mondiali is not an event that happens once a year, but that the Mondiali are you: you are the soul and the body of it. And the important step to take, in a horrible time for human dignity and the rights of many people, is to create “Mondiali in every city”. No matter the name or dates (even if the name and logo of the Mondiali is available to you), it is important to be there / organize / make visible the network everywhere.

And now let’s move on to the appointments, those that we can call, in 2019, special Mondiali Antirazzisti events.

From May 31 to June 2 there will be a Mini-Mondiali in Bosco Albergati: a football tournament and a volleyball one, rugby and touch rugby for all. Soon we will open the registrations and send you info.

We will be hosted inside a festival for the environmental sustainability called “Viver Verde“. fundas samsung galaxy s5 There will be the possibility of camping as always, there will be bars and restaurants open all day, but we will not directly manage the restaurants. Concenring the night concerts we will not organize specific events, but there will be a series of initiatives promoted by the festival.

But it doesn’t end there! In July, during the week in which the Mondiali was played historically, we will organize another special event, which we cannot anticipate at the moment … but it will be a nice surprise for all.

So keep following us, send us your initiatives, create a cohesive and living network that shows Europe and the whole world that racists and fascists will never pass and that the antiracist people will advance by winning!!!

#NoRacism, #NoFascism, #WelcomeRefugees #MondialiAntirazzisti