The Antiracist Almanac is born

2018 was a horrible year for human dignity and the rights of many people.

It was the year of the triumph of the small countries united against the different; it was the year of gates and closed ports, beatings and shots against blacks … it was a year in which acts of racial discrimination grew exponentially. A year that continues the same or worse in 2019 through acts of racism on the street, in stadiums, in buildings and in the suburbs; children left for long days adrift in the Mediterranean Sea.

Against all this the UISP and Mondiali Antirazzisti want to give a strong signal towards the drift of a disintegrating inhumanity to revive our inclusive and cohesive sports policies.

We therefore decided to launch: “The Almanac of antiracist initiatives 2019″, which aims to embrace and promote the many initiatives that are already active in the various Italian and European territories.

For this reason we ask you to let us know about your antiracist activities (be they tournaments, festivals, debates, etc.) accompanied by a small description of the content and any photos, in order to include them in our Antiracist Calendar and to send us a report and some photos of how the initiatives themselves went.

Please send your messages to the email:

The goal is to increase our critical mass and give a signal of openness, of welcoming the different to this world that is crumbling too much on itself.

 PS since the initiatives will be many and we will not be able to do the translations in all languages, the info will be mainly in Italian and English, we apologize now to German and French speakers!