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NOT ONLY ANTIRACISM – THE VALUES OF MONDIALI ANTIRAZZISTI What’s the vision behind Mondiali Antirazzisti? “It’s easy” you will say: to fight against racism. Wrong, we reply, it is much more about. It’s fair-play. Mondiali host a lot of sports – often even the less played or known – but in any tournament there are no referees. Every match is self-arbitrated by the very same teams who play. That’s because we want to promote fair-play and self-control. It’s fighting against violence on and off the field. We don’t like aggressive behaviour, both physical and verbal. On and off the field we want to spread peace and smiles. Does it seem impossible to you? It seemed so to the bunch of Ultras who created Mondiali Antirazzisti long time ago: accused to be dangerous elements, always ready to clash, they have proved to the world that the real Ultras are actually people who respect sports, athletes and other supporters. It’s inclusion When you arrive at Mondiali, you enter a world with people from thousands different and far places, with the spirit of living together an experience extra-ordinary. To meet new people, to sing in different languages, to tell lives and stories, to share the ball, to join the game, to came in the woods and to create a cheering village where everyone is more than welcome. It’s sharing That’s not mandatory, but you will discover that this is one of the most beautiful founding trait of Mondiali. It’s not a coincidence that the teams, before the competition begins, are used to exchange little presents as a sign of friendship: something personal or from their city, a special greeting or a player to complete the opponent team if someone is missing! It’s anti-sexism Few sports mix male and female genders. During the everyday life as well, we are told where we must stand. On one side or the other: male or female. Females don’t play football. Male don’t play with dolls. At Mondiali, teams – of all sports – can be mixed: formed by both men, women or children. It’s reflexion During the sport event? Of course! The program in fact doesn’t provide only sport, but also debates and side activities as book presentation, film display, educational walking tours, interviews to people from the sport world or not. It’s music and food. At Mondiali we have a lot of music as well. A concert every night, with 2 bands on the stage and a djset till late night. However, if you want to eat and drink before the night begins, to your disposal we have different restaurant to support the event. It’s ecology Mondiali, since their first year, have been paying attention to the topic of environmental respect. During the years we have sharpened a organization which promotes a less impact for the environment: garbage separation, water dispenser, energy from renewable sources, local food, encouragement to use shared transportation. Our carbon print is lower and lower thanks to the collaboration of all participants. The Earth says “Thank you!”. fundas samsung galaxy s20 ultra It’s anti-racism, of course. Last but not the least, as it’s the more evident aspect. fundas samsung galaxy s7 Our weapons against racism are not the words, but the facts. We mix people from different cultures. fundas samsung galaxy s7 We get involved teams coming from far or who make a long trip to come. fundas huawei p10 We talk through the language of sport. Some teams are made of migrants, hosted in welcome centres or groups of people coming from Germany, England, France, Poland, Denmark, Austria and even south America!