Presentation Football

Mondiali Antirazzisti are not a competitive tournament! The football tournament is open to male, female, mixed teams, there are no special pools, not even divided by age, that’s because the meaning of the event is to gather, to exchange different realities with each others.

Many have been the improvements since the first edition, in which male presence was strong, to the last ones that shown a raising number of mixed teams.

Nevertheless, the women’s participation is not yet that high to allow us to say that men and women are equal in number of participants. Mondiali Antirazzisti are normally organized in pools of 6 teams each, exception may happen according to the number of teams enrolled.

For reasons of time and to avoid that someone would take too seriously the tournament victory, the final round will be decided by seven penalties and direct elimination.  As a matter of fact, we don’t care about who has more breathe or is more trained: we leave the unrestrained competition to other tournaments.

To encourage the spirit of friendship and exchange between cultures, we invite all the teams to take with them some antiracism gadget, to donate to the other teams at the beginning of the match.

On Friday, at 2PM, all the teams who take part at the tournament are invited to attend the official kick-off, to cheers all together the beginning of the new edition of Mondiali Antirazzisti.

It’s the moment where all the participants can present their own team to the other teams of the pool. There will be a lot of us.