Team subscription

The tournament starts on Friday 31st May at 2.00 PM, on the pitch we will toast all together to celebrate the beginning of a new edition and then playing; it finishes on Sunday 2nd June at 1.00 PM.

From the quarter finals all the matches will be on penalties due to underline the non competitive spirit of the event.

Only snickers/fusball shoes available, that means no studs!

 Read carefully the rules of the tournament.

Registration is opened till the mid of May and we publish the match calendar on the website.

If you cannot come anymore send an email to it is important! This is for the respect of the other teams who come toplay and have fun, who come at the Mondiali don’t love to win for the nascence of the other team!

At the same e-mail send us a pic of your team or how you are preparing for the event or your banners, for presenting the team on Facebook since now till June.