No studs

Don’t follow the game: let’s change the rules!

Mondiali Antirazzisti are played to fight against racism, sexism and in general any form of discrimination against the most vulnerable. The goal is to find forms of game that can allow people very different from each other for provenance, expertise and interests to play together.

General rules of football tournament

  • The referee does not exist: the games are self-arbitrated by the 2 teams in the game. Each pitch has a “field supervisor”, that calls the teams, keep the score and the time. The field supervisor intervenes in the game only if the teams can not manage the self-arbitration (this is however an eventuality that we try together to keep limited).
  • You can not use football boots with cleats. Only sneakers or soccer shoes, but not football boots. There are no exceptions: those who have football boots will have to take them off, can also play without shoes.
  • The tournament includes groups of 6 teams each, exceptions are admitted. The first two teams of the group arrive at the straight up elimination tournament.
  • You play in 7 for 20 minute each match.
  • Teams that do not show up in the first 10 minutes after the beginning of the match, loose the game 0:2
  • Changes are free
  • The throw-in is made by foot (no goal)
  • The goalkeeper can catch with the hands the back-passages
  • No off-side
  •  Teams should wear a sport uniform
  • At the end of the match the two “captains” must confirm the result with the “field supervisor” and give him/her the foot ball
  • From the quarter final all matches will be on penalties only

Some rules to discourage a violent game:

  • At the first bad and intentional fault by one team, independently if it happens in the goal area or not, there will be a penalty. will also be asked to the team to replace the aggressive player.
  • At the second bad and intentional fault by one team, independently from the player who does it, the opponent team will be the winner
  • If a match is seen too much competitive from the teams playing, both team will lose the game.
  • If a team loses two consecutive matches due to bad behaviour, it will be suspend from the tournament.
  • If the game becomes tense and there are protests, the field supervisor can stop the match and exhort the teams to a game more in line with the values of the Mondiali Antirazzisti. The field supervisor can also move away from the field the players who are proving too nervous or agitated by asking for their replacement
  • There are no expulsions, but only forced replacements (you still play in 7). At the second forced substitution the team loses the game
  • Each rule can be redefined and rewritten if the two teams, by mutual agreement and following the spirit of the Mondiali, communicating the change to the field supervisor before or during the game.
  • If a team is significantly inferior to the opposing team in terms of the game, and the score it’s passive for 2 goals, the team can add a player on the field (helps keep the game alive for both teams, helping the less agonistic-competitive teams).
  • Each team can propose the rule of the Rambling.  The Rambling is a person who, due to physical or motor disability, or early age, is not fully aware of the dynamics of the game and can play for a team without being counted in the number of players. This person, if receives the ball, can not be pressing.

On Friday, at 2PM, all the teams who take part at the tournament are invited to attend the official kick-off, to cheers all together the beginning of the new edition of Mondiali Antirazzisti. It’s the moment where all the participants can present their own team to the other teams of the pool and get to know each other’s stories. Ours is a not competitive tournament, so the priority is not to the result but to the spirit of the match.

At the beginning of the match, teams are invited to present themselves and exchange welcoming gifts. At this moment the two teams, if they want, can agree to propose changes to the rules.

At the end, the two “captains” have to go in the middle of the field and confirm the rightness of the result together with the “field supervisor”, specifying the name of the teams as written on the pools. To validate the result, the foot ball must be returned to the end of the “field supervisor”.

Replay: at “Mondiali” is not the result that matters, that’s why we are flexible about the replay of not-disputed game, only if the play will not compromise the organization of the tournament. Replay can be played, when both teams agree, and respecting those criteria:

  • Matches must be done, and the results delivered at the “Fields office”.
  • Replay can be played during official matches timing, only if the teams find a free field. The “field supervisor” must be present, but it’s on the teams to specify what replay is and to take the result to the office.
  • Replay can be play only outside the regular tournament time, without the “field supervisor”.

We are all responsible for the good result of the manifestation. Remember to spread out this information to all the players of your group!