Rules volley

As it happens for all the Mondiali Antirazzisti tournaments, the volleyball one is NON COMPETITIVE too.

  • Teams could be men-only, women-only, or mixed
  • Matches are time-based: one 30 minutes long set, at the end the team who scores the most wins (after 15 minutes, teams switch field)
  • If the matches ends with a tie, the team who scores firs wins
  • There are no limits for the changes, but they will happen only when a player is in stroke
  • There is no “libero”
  • The net is 2,30 m high
  • The winning team gets 2 points, the loser 0
  • There are no referees, only a “match-coordinator” who will keep time and score. All matches are self-refereed by the two teams. In case of disagreement, the coordinator’s opinion is binding