Mondiali in Riace

Riace: a country of hospitality. So says the sign as soon as you arrive in this small village perched on the hills and looking towards the blue of the Ionian Sea. fundas huawei p30 Famous country in the past for the discovery of two superb Greek statues and recently for having transformed the word hospitality into concrete facts. fundas huawei p10 lite It all began at the end of the 1990s with the landing of refugees from Kurdistan to Riace Marina, who were welcomed into homes abandoned by the owners, migrants to northern Italy or to larger cities. This first experience has given life to a project shared by the whole city and promoted by its first citizen Mimmo Lucano, who thanks to his inclusion policies has succeeded over the years in giving hospitality to refugees and asylum seekers, while simultaneously maintaining primary services importance as the school and financing the small town with micro entrepreneurial activities related to craftsmanship. The integration of migrants was assured by about seventy cultural mediators hired by the municipality and part of the welcome system, young people from Riace and neighboring countries who had found a job thanks to this project and had decided to remain in their lands of origin. A positive model of reception, which has developed human relationships and created work, which has re-established a country destined to crumble due to the lack of young inhabitants, as happened to other beautiful villages. A model that was forcibly closed in 2018, when Mimmo Lucano was placed under arrest with the charge of instigating illegal immigration. fundas iphone x xs In this last period in Italy, welcoming and saving lives at sea or in the Alpine passes has become a “crime”: NGO boats are sea taxis, welcome system waste money, municipalities that give a house to illegal immigrants … This is why Mondiali decided this year to go to Riace, because we believe in a reception model that respects people’s dignity and therefore manages to give them work, as well as a home. We believe that a peaceful coexistence between different cultures is possible and that indeed this brings benefits to all (even to the “Italians”). Let’s go to Riace because we want to testify to Mimmo, to the foundation for the rebirth of Riace, to the inhabitants, to the operators that we are with them and we want Riace to open the doors again. fundas huawei p30 pro Because we would like our festive and colorful presence to bring not only joy, but we would like it to be experimenting with sustainable tourism that allows local associations to be reborn and start welcoming again. From 5 to 7 July therefore the Mondiali Antirazzisti will speak Calabrese slang. fundas iphone 7 8 plus fundas samsung galaxy s9 We are working on the program of activities, so at the moment we can tell you little about the various sports tournaments and the activities that will take place, follow us and above all start letting us know if you will come, signing up for the football and volleyball tournament. Soon online we will also give you information on where to sleep, in Riace Marina and Caulonia there are several campsites, hotels and people who rent houses, we will soon provide you with information and references. As we will inform you on how to get there (if you cannot travel by car). In the coming weeks the site will be enriched with this info, but meanwhile we wanted to give you this news and allow you to choose whether to come and play with boredom Bosco or Riace (or even both of you!) To continue to support antiracism and antifascism, the daily and real one carried out by those who truly believe in inclusion. more info about Riace: Video: