(Italiano) Quarta giornata Torneo Dimondi

On April 13th, the 4th Dimondi tournament day took place in Bologna, with the participation of Il Grinta ASD LEIB – Il corpo che resiste Brigata della Pace Hic Sunt Leones Football Antirazzista Barnaut Binario69 Progetto Ultrà Junior #kicksexismoutSIM Xm24 – Scuola di Italiano CON Migranti Real Lungoreno RitmoLentoUniversitario Antifascista HSL – Le Leonesse Rasty Mad Baumhaus

As tradition for this event, besides the football and volleyball tournaments, the Dimondi offers wide space to important topics for the development of a participated discussion on the city theme.

The topic proposed on this occasion was: urban spaces and A and B series citizens, to focus attention on how our cities have become exclusionary and no longer places of meeting and confrontation.

It seems to have returned to Post-war Italy with Serie A neighborhoods and those to be avoided, with “prohibitions” made of words and hatred that wants to categorize who can live there and who can’t.

People who live this condition of strong institutional discrimination are often not perceived by the citizenship, they simply become invisible.

In the debate was discussed of how the denial of rights and access to services exludes certain people from the possibility of moving on a social level is creating repressive and ghettoizing attitudes and cultures that evade the need to bring the problem to a wider reflection of the system. Returning the complexity of what happens every day at sea or in our cities is a duty not to fall into the dehumanization of the protagonists of these paths.