Faces from Mondiali

With these short clips we wish to pay tribute to all the people of Mondiali Antirazzisti, without whom this event could not exist: the volunteers. They are only few, in representance of the around 300 persons who build up the festival, have contributed in its realisation and in the end they moved out and clean the area. fundas samsung galaxy s7 A big THANKS to all of them, for going on in believing that is possible to struggle against any form of discrimination with a smile and the desire of organising a place where all the culture could meet, play, dance and speack together. fundas samsung galaxy s8 The clips have been realised by the Mondiali Antirazzisti Press Office.

We are sorry if the video are all in Italians, but the work of subtitling is really too long, and who work for the press office is a volunteer too!!

Giuseppe Cifarelli – responsible for the logistic, the man who follows all the event from the organisation of the spaces to the coordination of the volunteers, since the new edtion is just an idea untill the closing and moving out of the all the infrastructures.
Elisabetta Taschini – responsible of the sports tournaments: finding balls and goals in all Emilia Romagna, management of all the different phases of tournaments and coordination of the different pitches responsibles. The (lost) voice of Mondiali!
Miro Paiano – responsible of the football tournament: from the realisation of the rounds with 170 teams to the organisation of the results, from the aswer to the thousands questions to the organisations of the friendly matches.
Tommaso Barone – Chief storage: he needs a big patience to make happy all the restaurants and bars and having in mind nothing end… moreover the beer! And also to take carea about the preliminary work ordering all the food and drinks necessary!
Federico Bonanacini – stockman: with his minvan he is the man who brings all the foods and drinks to restaurants and bars. fundas huawei p30 lite Always ready to switch on the van and run up and down when it needs!
Ugo Giansante – jolly: always something could break and he is the man can solve the problem! He is a factotum always ready if his help is required. The MacGyver of Mondiali!
Antonio Marcello – responsible of Piazza Antirazzista and photographer. In the Piazza all the teams can bring their materials to show the activities against racism. Useful to take 3 points more in the football tournament and a good possibility to win the Cup Piazza Antirazzista.
Agnese Fiore – responsible market where sellers could expose their products and sell during the Mondiali. fundas iphone 7 8 se2020 Agnese is also the responsible of the Partisan tour, each year proposes a path in some Emilia places linked to resistance.
Giovanni Melli – resposnible of the kitchen of the Main Restaurant, where every day the volunteers, the athletes and the other hosts may choose a good meal, with a special attention also for vegetarian.
Alessandra – responsible Bar dei Rude. Ultras of the Rude Boys and Girls Sampdoria, since 11 years she is present at the Mondiali and is one of the tireless volunteer in the bar managed by Rue and Ultras Marseille.
Nicola Fossella – photographer. it is necessary a good eye to find a way among sport, music, debates, camping, hot temperature… Nicola is a professional photographer who every year come to give us photos. Together with other photogapher from Shoot4Change, who for free tell story of social events around the world.
Florian – responsible for management and coordination of security during the Mondiali. Always present during the concerts, in the camping, in the restaurant and near by the cashes, but always with a friendly behaviour.
Rita Scalambra e Raffaella Chiodo – UISPace. From the Mondiali Vintage Market to the gymnastic activities and other proposals from the sport for all world, remembering the past with very original t-shirts of the past years.
Layla Mousa – infopoint. From here all the participants pass for each kind of requests for charging the mobile, for asking about the matches and the differents things to do: concerts, debates, sport..
Monica Rossi – administration. fundas iphone 11 pro max Monica manages the very delicate sector of administration, distributing the pass for te staff, taking care about the cashes, receiving the contributes of the different teams for the Mondiali.
Dora (from Hungary)- responsible YAP volunteers 2014. Volunteers from all over the world come thanks the working camp of the Youth Action for Peace – Yap. fundas huawei p30 their role is to clean the area and invite the participants to respect the correct way to differentiate the garbage.