Libera Officina Sound System

When did you start playing together? The Libera Officina Sound System is part of Libera officina, a self-managed social space in Modena active since July 2000. fundas iphone 7 8 plus What music do you do? We are a group of various DJs who play different music that mainly refers to the Reggae and Samba style, but with Trash contaminations and more. collier femme erotique 3collierfrance3153 custodia cover iphone You have already taken part in the Mondiali Antirazzisti as a team, what is the best memory that the past years have left? Yes! We participated with our team “Libera A palla”. A team that has been playing for many years for the pleasure of being together and having fun together. fundas samsung galaxy a10 A team that has a lot of fun especially at the mondiali antirazzisti . One of the most beautiful memories we have about the Mondiali is without doubt that moment when we gather together with the other teams to take pictures collectively. I believe that moment rapresent a bit  “the soul of unity and friendship, typical of the Mondiali Antirazzisti”. fundas huawei p30 pro fundas samsung galaxy s6 edge plus What message would you leave to the Mondiali Antirazzisti? Which of your songs would you like dedicate to this event? For us the world championships are a very important event, because the anti-racism we do throughout the year is always a small thing compared to the real need of this society. fundas iphone custodia cover We would also like it to be more linked to anti-fascism. An event like the Mondiali capable of recalling so many people from different places in one place is undoubtedly an important moment for this fight the razism. iphone custodia cover A unmissed event! Of our repertoire I would dedicate you without thinking “JIJONAO” and I am sure you will hear this song several times.