Riace is the try: rugby at Mondiali

Rugby arrives in Marina di Riace this year and proposes a tournament on the sand: preliminary matches on 5 and 6 July, while on 7 the finals and friendly matches.

On 7 also football and volleyball will move to the beach for the finals and then it will be possible to play all together and to try the oval ball even for those who do not know it.

Beach rugby rules: play on a 25x25mt field, 5 against 5. The tackled player has 2 seconds to make the ball available, on the ground or in off-load and from there the rules of rugby apply.

It is played in 2 stages of 5 minutes with 3 minutes of interval.

Very fun even for beginners, as the beach prevents running at high speeds and the impacts on the ground are on soft sand.