Friday 5 July

Morning: arrival of the participant

15,00-20,00 – Riace Welcoming of the teams and toast Football tournament Djset on the pitches

16,00-20,00 – Riace Marina beach rugby tournament

21,00 – Pitch area Presentation of Mondiali in Riace and debate with the teams  

Saturday 6 July

10,00-20,00 Football tournament Volletball tournament Basketball tournament Djset on the pitches

16,00-20,00 – Riace Marina Beach rugby tournament

21,00 – Pitch area Workshop: popular sport and social transformation. Anti-racism through sports practice There are those who close roads, ports, sports facilities.  There are those who realized that even though they did not have the keys, they could reopen everything, thanks to sport. A story and comparison between the various realities of popular and independent sports around Italy. Speakers: Annalisa Frisina: sociologist of the University of Padova Marco Proto: co-founder of the FC Ska Lions Caserta Mauro Valeri: sociologist and head of the observatory on racism and anti-racism in football. Alessandro Belloni: organizer Dimondi Mattia Gallo:  journalist popular gym “Mmmhiskata” evening conceived and curated by Mondiali Antirazzisti and Polisportiva San Precario Padova  

Sunday 7 July


10,00-14,00 finals football, volleyball, basketball and beach rugby tournaments and then swimming, beach tennis, bowls, card… Awards ceremony djset on the beach