Rounds and Match Calendar football tournament

Here are the ROUNDS and the MATCH CALENDAR of the football tournament of the Mondiali Antirazzisti in Riace. collier or multi rangs fundas samsung galaxy a10 It is very hot (bring the sunscreen, hat, umbrellas and water bottles), the pitch is not the best so once again more we ask you to play slowly and to have fun. collier tour de cou femme 3collierfrance231 fundas huawei p9 lite fundas samsung galaxy a40 fundas samsung galaxy s5 fundas huawei p10 As we always say at the Mondiali, everyone wins, all the more so in this edition where the goal is to talk about hospitality and multiculturalism. bague argent rose des vents fundas samsung galaxy a50 fundas samsung galaxy s8 plus fundas huawei y5 2018 fundas samsung galaxy s8 The pitch is not the best but the landscape around you is really the most beautiful that we have ever offered you! We are waiting for you, read the rules and remember NO BOOTS, only sneakers !!!