Mondiali Antirazzisti in Florence

The big trip of the Mondiali Antirazzisti continues, from August 29th until September 1st it will stop in Florence, at the Prato del Quercione in the Parco delle Cascine. The event organized by UISP Firenze, as part of the Copula Mundi festival, includes moments of reflection and sports activities. Friday, August 30th (starting at 6.00 pm) we will talk about sport, education and integration through projects, initiatives and experiences that different realities of the territory have organized or lived in first person: prison, school, disability, rights, suburbs, so many themes that will intersect, demonstrating that sport is a valid and indispensable instrument of emancipation and social growth to combat inequalities. To introduce the meeting Marco Ceccantini – President of UISP Florence. Speakers include Ludovico Arte – ITT Manager Marco Polo Florence; Don Massimo Biancalani – Vicofare Reception Center (Pistoia); Carlo Balestri – Mondiali Antirazzisti UISP; Claudio Cirri – Asd Revolution Soccer Florence and Alvaro Fruttuosi – Gs Le Panche – Castelquarto Florence. On Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September there will be twenty teams made up of players of different genders and of various ages, who will participate in the 5-a-side football tournament while eight teams will face off on the volleyball court. The non-competitive event will see participants self-arbitrate the meeting in the name of fair play. Furthermore, at the Mondiali Antirazzisti it will be possible to watch the performances, and in some cases even try, of different sports: bmx, skate, pakur, integrated dance, juggling and circus, boxing, running and walking, roller skates, table football and ping pong. The free and open event is organized in collaboration with the Association of Missing Rings, which has always been an active player in the field of refugee reception. Info and specific program of the Mondiali Antirazzisti in Florence. Copula Mundi is an experimental festival for the creation of shared imagery, which brings together different cultural, artistic and sporting associations of Tuscany. In the manifesto we read: We reject all discrimination, whatever it may be. We consider the differences as a fundamental resource in all fields of life: it is from different points of view that the “different” solutions arrive to solve the usual problems, those that “normal” solutions cannot solve. The same nature is based on “bio diversity”: the real unnatural thing is homologation. We really recommend a visit both to support the Mondiali Antirazzisti and to visit the spaces dedicated to debates, creativity, play and exchange.