Ciao Mauro Valeri

Today Mauro Valeri has disappeared.

Sociologist, trainer and writer who has focused his studies on the phenomena of racism and xenophobia, particularly in the sports world. In recent years he has worked at UNAR, the National Office for Racial Discrimination.

For the past 15 years he has collaborated with the UISP, the Antiracist World Cup, the FARE network and many realities of popular sport to promote projects and initiatives that had at their heart the fight against all forms of racism through sport. Hi Mauro, we went back with the memory and in this journey backwards we found images, words, passionate discussions, beers drunk with the background of the chants, ideas, projects.

How many coffees spent around a table to build a methodological guide, to think about how to organize the workshop in Piazza Antirazzista.

And so we arrived until 2005, the year in which “La Razza in campo” has been presented. The memories flow like a movie and often we smile, because we really spent good time together.

But above all, what remains printed in our mind is your quiet but firm warning: no reason to lower our guard, racism is not over. And you were right. And while this morning some fascists put another banner against Balotelli, of whom you have written so much, you leave us.

And leave us orphans of your lively intelligence, of your jokes, of your ability to read society, but above all of your unstoppable antiracism, militant, daily. There are books that explore stories unknown to most people like those of the partisan Vittorio “Negro, Ebreo, Comunista” or like that of the boxer Leone “Nero di Roma”.

tories of sport, in which you highlighted stereotypes and prejudices, you went to work in depth to get naked, because basically everyone should face daily with own fears of the different, the strange, the stranger.But you always invited us to recognize and address them.

We will really miss your sly smile and your friendship.

We will continue to fight for you, against all forms of racism, without ever giving up as you taught us through your books.

The hug of the crew and the people of the Mondiali Antirazzisti goes to Aster and Davide