Trailer “Riace: the Mondiali in the village of hospitality”

We the Mondiali Antirazzisti people, we are organiser, player, we live Mondiali 100% charging us with the adrenaline in order to continue our daily action against all forms of racism, we know what’s behind it. We know a thousand individual and collective stories, we live the happiness of those who make a goal, we see the joy in the eyes of those who until recently experienced fear.

We embrace happily not only because we played football and maybe we won, but because behind that hug there is acceptance of the other, the desire to know him/her, the desire to respect him/her. But often these stories remain within the magical world of Mondiali, everyone brings them home and maybe as in the best oral tradition transmits them to friends, to encourage them to go to the Mondiali the following year.

 This year we had a great luck, in Riace there were two women who have the ability to tell stories: Laura Bonasera journalist and Francesca Spanò director, attentive and sensitive to stories of inclusion and popular sport, professionally grown within the UISP.

While we were organizing or playing, they went around with a big smile, the camera and the idea of telling what it means to be a runaway person, what means to have fear and now what it means to simply play football in a team.

They made a short documentary: “Riace: The Mondiali Antirazzisti in the village of hospitality”, presented last week at the Matera film festival. A precious tool, because Mustafa, Farhan and Ali have put their lives at our disposal with great dignity, a glimpse of the times we are living that underlines how important is the work of all the organizations that continue to save lives in sea and “to hug people and not let them be hugged by fish “, of those who fight every day for the right to migration.

And they remind us about the relevance of the work carried out by the many courageous journalists who do not give up in the face of any form of intimidation, because fake news and hatred should be fought through research, investigation and narration. Precisely for this reason the documentary ends with a dedication to Mauro Valeri, who has been never tired of writing about racism and antiracism.

Thanks to Laura and Francesca, because it is never easy to find the right balance to tell the reality gracefully. Thanks to UISP for production Soon the whole documentary will be online and with subtitles in various languages, in the meantime we will give you this beautiful trailer