Mondiali in the time of Coronavirus

Hello Mondiali people from all over the world. We are experiencing a difficult time, what initially seemed to be a health problem only in China has become a pandemic. The frontiers are closing this time due to the fear of the Coronavirus that is causing deaths especially among the oldest and most fragile population. Italy is in lock down like many other countries in the rest of the world. This historical moment is particularly difficult for everyone, our thoughts go to past victims and, alas, future ones and their relatives, it also goes to doctors, nurses, civil protection and everyone who puts their lives at risk to allow everyone to go on. Everyone stopped even sport, so UISP also suspended all the planned activities that we were planning for the Antiracist Almanac. Even the Mondiali Antirazzisti this year, of course, we don’t know if it will take place and when. Of course, working in this field, we think about how many a home does not have to lock up in: homeless, refugees, poor, women who are subjected to domestic violence and who find themselves forced to stay inside the home, those who are still in countries in war or suffering from famine. We dare not think about what would happen if the virus spread to Lesbos or Syria, the deaths would multiply and the global health emergency would collapse. Think of the asylum seekers who are in the various reception centers, just when, after experiencing dramatic journeys, they had started to find some hope again thanks to language courses and sports and cultural activities, they were forced to stay inside the centers, with the added fear of getting sick. We thank all the volunteers, the operators of the centers and of the various organizations who are spreading news in all languages ​​and who in any case try to convey serenity. It is a difficult time, especially for those who make interpersonal relationships, inclusion through play and sport, exchange also made of hugs for friends or for a goal marked the strength of their activities. But we are all aware that this is the only way at the moment to deal with this pandemic. We only hope that this situation will become an opportunity for reflection for all those who have so far shouted at the closure of borders and harbours, to lock themselves in their own garden: solitude (although in well-equipped houses, with all the means of communication and that are not likely to be bombed at any moment) is not beautiful. Not being able to go out, play sports, go to the theater, go to the cinema, see friends, go to a restaurant, travelling… is a deprivation of liberty. The lack of sociability risks turning into depression. Here we try to identify ourselves as those who experience this situation on a daily basis and try to get out of it by changing their lives so as not to die of hunger, war, violence or lack of freedom. Once this coronavirus has disappeared, it will leave us a more supportive, more social and more welcoming country for all. Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon to do activities together. United, but far apart “We shall Overcome”