All bars and restaurants will run all day long up to night

10.00 – 16.00

UISP children summer camps

10.30-12.00 – BARaONDA

Yoga cared by UISP Reggio Emilia

15.00 – Pitches

Shake hands with all the teams on the pitches

16.00 – 19.00 – Pitches 

Football tournament (preliminary: matches 2×10 minutes, 1 match par team)

18.00 – Piazza Antirazzista

Italy would be best without CIE: identification and expulsion centers, places of refusal that don’t solve the problems.

With: Don Andrea Gallo – Comunità di San Benedetto al Porto; Gianmarco De Pieri – Ya Basta!; Cécile Kyenge – spokeswoman for national network “primo marzo”; Ciro Spagnulo – Center for foreign workers CGIL Modena; Leonardo Tancredi – journalist of Piazza Grande

Coordination of Filippo Fossati – UISP National President

19.30 – 21.00

Skating exhibition, cared by UISP Skate League

20.00 – BARaONDA

Role game: “Murder party – aperitif”, cared by UISP Traditional Games Area

All the evening table games will be at disposal – with the presence of UISP operators

21.00 – Rude boys and girls Bar

Aperitifs and DJs set

21.00 – Concert Arena

Las Karne Murta (Dirty Swing IT); Persiana Jones (Ska /Punk IT)

Followed by DJ set: Radio Città Fujiko (Mingo dj and Peter Skanking and guest) – Bologna

21.00 – Area Cinema

Projection of documentaries cared by D.E-R (Documentary authors of Emilia Romagna)

La vita che non CIE, Alexandra D’Onofrio, 2012 (54 min.)

Stories of Kabbour, Nizar and Abderrahim. Three names to tell about lives behind statistics of expulsions machines. So numbers of minister of internal affairs come back to be men and women in flesh and blood. With a real story who goes over the CIE, before and later, inside and outside the cage.

18 Ius Soli, Fred Kuwornu, 2011 (50 min.)

A grassroots documentary on issue of right to citizenship for whom born and grew in Italy by migrant parents. Guys studying in our country, speaking our language and dialects, maybe they are not even visited their background country. But they are not recognised Italians as the others.