All bars and restaurants will run all day long up to night

10.00 – 16.00

UISP children summer camps

16.00 – 19.00 – Pitches 

Football tournament (preliminary: matches 2×10 minutes, 1 match par team)

10.00 – 19.00 – Pitches

Volley tournaments

10.00 – 12.00 – BARaONDA

Qi chong by UISP Reggio Emilia

16.00 – 17.30 – BARaONDA

Body workshop “ABBRACCIAMONDO” (HugTheWorld), listen your body and the music you have inside and we will dance together, cared by UISP Gymnastic League.

After the workshop: performance by group ABBRACCIAMONDO di Vallecamonica and Sebino (Brescia).

17.30 – Bar and Breakfast

Ultras meet writer Alessandro Marchi, author of the book “Fegato e cuore” (Leaver and heart) and Gianluca Marcon director and author of self produced documentary “E noi ve lo diciamo” (And we’ll tell you).

“Fegato e cuore” tells about Steve Campbell, who has two hearts: one is in the living room under formalin; the other one pulsates in his breast. The first stopped his career as English football star, the beats of the second one scan a degraded existence in London East End, with West Ham matches as only reason for life. When Vincenzo Caligiuri, young Italian immigrant, meets him serving hamburger in a fast food, can not imagine as Steve will change his daily life. They will both share, between a stop in a pub, strange friends and many football matches of multiethnic and colourful Bari Football Club on hard pitches of cold English mornings.


18.00 – Piazza Antirazzista

Mondiali Antirazzisti: how to set a festival. What antiracism has to do with environment and diet: distribution of resources and social injustices concerning the “hording” of primary goods (water/energy/food). An unequal distribution in a global system that produces discrimination.

With: Santino Cannavò and Manuela Claysset – UISP Environment Sector, Chiara Marzaduri  – Alce Nero, Roberto Gasparetto – Hera Sot Modena

Coordination of Pippo Russo – University of Florence

20.00 – BARaONDA

Rully Frully – music band that use instruments

All the evening table games will be at disposal – with the presence of UISP operators

21.00 – Rude boys and girls Bar

DJs set with: Barflyrena, Rude Fra, Deru J, Gighe DJ

21.00 – Concert Arena

Kaleidoscopic (Alternative / Grunge IT); Linea 77 (Alternative Metal Italiano IT)

Followed by: DJ Set: Radio Antenna 1 – 101.3 FM   (Grande Discoteca Popolare)

21.00 – Area Cinema

Projection of documentaries cared by D.E-R (Documentary authors of Emilia Romagna)

Il suolo minacciato (Menaced ground), by Nicola Dall’Olio, 2010 (50 min.)

In last years in Pianura Padana area thousands hectares of ground lost because of a widespread urban and infrastructural expansion. Starting from the case of Parma Food Valley, the movie faces national problem of consume of ground and of urban dispersion, to propose alternative models of urban development.

E noi ve lo diciamo (And we’ll tell you), by Luca Marcon, 2012 (45 min.)

To tell about ultras means to tell about part of Italian society, to tell about 40 years of youth culture and story, from music to autonomies, from politics to street cultures, from “group” rules to public opinion rules that transformed the ultras in a violent misfit, according to the collective imagination.

21.30 – BARaONDA

Pizzica Folk Dance