All bars and restaurants will run all day long up to night

10.00 – 16.00

UISP children summer camps

16.00 – 19.00 – Pitches 

Football tournament (preliminary and final stages)

10.00 – 19.00 – Pitches

Basket and volley tournaments

10.30-12.00 – BARaONDA

Warm up cared by UISP Gymnastic League

14.00 – 16.30 – Pitches

Women football tournament

14.00-20.00 – Pitches

Softball tournament

11.00 – Sala fienile

Final conference of Uisp project “Diritti in campo” (rights on the pitch)


16.00-17.30 – BARaONDA

Body workshop “ABBRACCIAMONDO” (HugTheWorld), listen your body and the music you have inside and we will dance together, cared by UISP Gymnastic League.

After the workshop: performance by group ABBRACCIAMONDO di Vallecamonica and Sebino (Brescia).


18.00 – Piazza Antirazzista

Earthquake view from below: from Abruzzo to Emilia. What didn’t run? Management of power between destruction and rebuilding; citizens’ self-organisation ability; issue of permit of stay in areas hit by earthquake.

With: Andrea Covi – Uisp Modena president; Commettee 3e32 L’Aquila;  Association “Mani Tese”; Cècile Kyenge Kashetu – spokeswoman for national network “Primo marzo”; Clelia Bartoli – author of the book “Razzisti per legge; l’Italia che discrimina” (Racists by law; Italy discriminating);  Social centre Guernica  from Modena; Stefano Vaccari – Assessor for Sport, Environment and Civil Protection of  Modena Province; Donato Pivanti – General Secretary of Work chamber CGIL Modena.

Coordination of Vincenzo Manco – Presidente Regionale Uisp Emilia Romagna

20.00 – BARaONDA

All the evening table games will be at disposal – with the presence of UISP operators

20.00 – Rude boys and girls Bar

DJs set with: Bianca W.T., Tommy (sons of Trojan)

20.00 – Space in front of Concert Arena

Final matches of football tournament

20.30 – Concert Arena

Award ceremony

21.30 – BARaONDA

Marakatimba percussion group


22.00 – Area Cinema

Projection of documentaries cared by D.E-R (Documentary authors of Emilia Romagna)

Ja Tarramutu: a travel inside city more mystified of Italy, by Paolo Pisanelli (89 min.).

The movie tells about the mystified and “media-observed” city of L’Aquila, which after the earthquake of April 6th 2009 passed from resignation to revolution through thousands transformations, intertwining stories of people, places, building sites, voices and laughter of “jackals”, business men who caused the Wheelbarrow Protest, when the earthquake was no more a media news. “Take back the city!”, shouted L’Aquila inhabitants and they organised to remove the rubbles, showing the willing to nor resign to silence, even if forced to live in the peripheries of a ghost town.

This is L’Aquila, voices after 3 years from earthquake, by Andrea Cardoni and Andrea Ranalli (23 min.)

“This is L’Aquila” is a collection of stories of who is living in a destroyed town, because of the earthquake of April 9th 2009, that destroyed L’Aquila. Spotlights turn off on the city, but L’Aquila people still exist. How they live now? How changes daily life of a town stopped three years ago?

International photographers network Shoot4Change and Anpas, National Association for public assistance, unite strengths to turn on the light again on the memory of that tragic event.

Narrating voice and face: Moni Ovadia

22.30 – Concert Arena

Tremende (Ska/Reggae/Punk IT); Banda Bassotti (Ska / Punk IT)

Followed by: DJ set Il Fienile Circus; DJ Rude