*** Friday 7 July Live in Mondiali ***

Sometimes I’m perplexed,
the world is different how they talked to me

Nuju call themselves Metropolitan Pirates or Urban Mariners. Their project draws on the will to unite the folk vein of Italian music with the rock and turbo-folk of international music, creating a unique urban genre and single meticulous.

We interviewed them for you.

Is your first time at the Mondiali? Where do you come from and what music do you do?
It is our first time as world musicians but not as players, in the fields we are present since the Mondiali were in Casalecchio. We are of Calabrian origin but then we all moved somewhere on Via Emilia. We make folk rock music, turbo rock with texts that aim, through irony, to think. Our first concert was in 2009 and the first album of 2010.

Why did you choose the Mondiali to bring your music?
Because we believe in the message the Mondiali want to cast: mix cultures, people, and this mix is ​​at the basis of the future world. Without racism or prejudice. Which then is also the basis of our music. The folk is a patchwork.

What is the song you would like to dedicate to Mondiali?
“Mi sono perso” (I’m lost) speaks about people arriving in another world, how they are living. We want to say that the world is sometimes too big, but every place in a sense must be a place to call home.

What is the most beautiful memory you have of Mondiali?
I played in the MEI team, I liked the atmosphere, it did not count the result but it was enough to play, the fact that it was a party is the most beautiful thing, the most intense I remember. Because sport, especially team one is collaboration, the individual loses importance.
The sport destroys the flags, in the field we are all the same and the jersey of the anti-racist world is the most beautiful.

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