*** Saturday 8 July Live in Mondiali ***

Isabel doesn’t know where her deam will arrive

Because you started playing?
We started in 1986, until 1980s there were so many possibilities and we immediately got a record contract.

What is the most beautiful memory you have of Mondiali?
So many. I remember the German nudists or the Irish, two of them came to make the honeymoon just to the Mondiali. And then the friendships that you have created. I remember that we were still in Montecchio: the Gentleman, the Banda Bassotti, played a unique emotion. I also remember the historic friendship with the Red Zombies in Berlin with whom we played the first match at the Mondiali, just in Montecchio. From that point on, it was 2008, we no longer stopped playing with Amnesty International team or playing.

What could be the song you would dedicate to Mondiali?
I would say Isabel talking about an Argentine girl who comes to Italy and finds that this is not the country she expected.

Why are you at the Mondiali? What brought you here?
I personally play Amnesty’s team since the time of Montecchio. Like Avvoltoi we like football (except one, we do not name names, who does not even know who is Cruyff), the real one: the pure game and not the business. We like the concept, team metaphor, affiliation, collaboration. In fact, in football the team that is most affiated is the one who wins, the idea of ​​the football workers. Everyone does something about themselves, we like to participate in the Mondiali because it is an incredible, beautiful and important event. Italy needs the Mondiali. Participate is an honor.

What does antiracism mean to you?
Living together without prejudice and without fear. The Mondiali are also this: living together of common values: aggregation, respect. My daughter, Agnese, is six years old and her class is a meltingpot, for her there are no differences, there are only friends and schoolmates. Only fear and disinformation make the differences come to light.

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Long life to the Mondiali, wish you a thousand more years!

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