*** Thursday 6 July Live in Mondiali ***

Everybody needs, everybody loves, everybody wants the sound of revolution

Los Fastidios play an “annoying” rock, that is, a winning mix of sounds that we always care about, from streetpunk to ska, from oi! Rocksteady / reggae, from rock’n’roll to melodic punk to street soul.
Do you remember that the single FOOTBALL IS COMING was chosen as the official hymn of the Mondiali Antirazzisti 2013 by winning the competition for independent bands nominated by UISP and MEI?
Pump up the volume!

We interviewed them to get to know the band and their ideals

Why did you start playing?
It was the 1991 and we wanted to say something, to make people entertain and music has the power to express both of these things. Our 2017 album “The sound of the revolution” summarizes what is music for us: fun, memory, anger, salvation. I have devoted my whole life to music, are at the head of our record company and I believe that music should be independent (without multinational intrusion). That’s why I created our label, just to give voice to all the bands that wanted to express themselves.

What could be the song you would dedicate to Mondiali?
I would say The sound of revolution, summarizes many concepts: union, freedom, rejection and the struggle against inequalities.

You are now a historic band of Mondiali. What brought you to play here?
The Mondiali perfectly sum up what we express in our music: sport and music make it free. The Mondiali are this, we love them and support them forever, is one of the best moments of the year. We always talk about it abroad, it’s not just a festival but it’s also more.

What is the most beautiful memory you have of Mondiali?
Coming back to Mondiali is always beautiful, old and new friends are found. The most beautiful memory? Maybe the first time we played, we were still in Montecchio, in that natural arena. It was something flashy, bringing our music, our message and seeing that participation was amazing.

What message would you like to leave to Mondiali Antirazzisti?
Long life to Mondiali because Italy needs them. all the best for all the initiatives that have been born out of the Mondiali, long life also to them!

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