100X100 Friends of Mondiali

In 2018 we will celebrate the 22nd edition of Mondiali Antirazzisti, another goal we reach all togheter, thanks to everyone who will be there, some as a tradition, some for the first time.
But also thanks to the 200 volunteers that work hard to make it going on perfectly, or at least we try!

To grow this big is a great satisfaction for who, year after year, try to plan and organize the next edition. 

Nevertheless, to grow this big means a growth of costs for a festival who tries to self-finance itself and has chosen, for its history and ideals, not to become a commercial event. 

Mondiali Antirazzisti are a free festival, with no entry fees, no tournaments and camping costs, no concerts tickets. Running water is free for everyone, so are restrooms and showers.
It’s a choice we made and want to keep it this way: to make Mondiali Antirazzisti a place free from boundaries, accessible to everyone, so that anyone could be part of it.

However, to have no participation costs doesn’t mean that there are no costs at all, on the contrary! Even the choice of being an eco-friendly festival implies actions and sagacity that count a lot on our budget.

With this call we ask all the friends of Mondiali to make a little effort to make it possible for the 22nd edition to happen from the 4th to the 8th of July 2018. Mondiali Antirazzisti is also and above all you, with your presence, your experience, your diversity, your desire to have fun and share with thousands of people a message which links sports and anti-racism. Italy is discovering a new wave of hatred, intolerance and fascism: we still want to be a unbreakable barrier against all this.
We keep doing that together with your small donation, which for us means a lot.

We appeal to all the social realities, Uisp committees, associations, cooperatives, football teams and sports associations, football fans and supporters, NGOs, Unions and all the informal realities and individuals who believes and stand with us in this beautiful experience and who would give their support through a small donation (at least 100 Euros).

That’s the 100X100 Friends of Mondiali campaign:
A symbolic donation to help us deal with the organization and management costs, which rise year after year, making harder and harder the sustainability and self-funding: on one side the public donations decrease, on the other the suppliers keep raise their costs, forcing us to cut the unnecessary, which is not unnecessary.

Who knows Mondiali knows the mission and the passion which distinguish this event.
Who knows Mondiali, wants Mondiali to keep living.   


IBAN:   IT34E0538702400000000857245 

Account holder UISP Romagna

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The campaign will close on Aprile 20th 2018.