Journey on


“Mondiali Antirazzisti Journey on” is a UISP Emilia Romagna’s project funded by the International Call for Proposal “Fostering inclusion and combating racism and discriminations through sports” promoted by ECCAR (European Coalition of Cities Against Racism).

The main objective is to promote the social inclusion of young Europeans, new generations of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and promote intercultural dialogue, meeting and exchange, through the creation of spaces, moments and opportunities for inter-ethnic sporting sociability and participation in awareness-raising initiatives.

This project intends to create a wire which starts from Northern part of Europe to the South one, where the biggest cities are involved in actions of mobility about the topic of social inclusion.

The expected results are the realisation of 6 local events organised by partners with a large local network. The events will be different one each other, respecting the diversity of the contest, the local problems, the mission of the organisations. The common goal is to focus the attention of public opinion and local authorities about: struggle against prejudices that create exclusion for some specific group: refugees/migrants, LGBT communities, Roma people, people with disabilities (especially mental disease), always having as mainstream topic the equal opportunities between women and men. These events wants to have a big impact on the cities, using the experience and the methodologies tested in the Mondiali Antirazzisti.


This involves organizing a football tournament with the rules adopted at the Mondiali Antirazzisti (matches without referee – encouraging mixed team participation – extra score for fair play – organization of the third time) or even the organisation of public debates involving local authorities on the importance of sport for all as a tool of social inclusion.The organization of these events foresees, in the selected cities, the collaboration with local associations working on anti-discrimination policies and with social cooperatives who work with mental and physical disease, migrant associations, sports clubs of refugees, welcome centers. To encourage the selection of ECCAR member cities, we have selected those from which some of the teams that usually take part in the Mondiali Antirazzisti:

What is ECCAR

logo-eccarThe Coalition of Cities against Racism is an initiative launched by UNESCO in 2004 to establish a network of cities interested in sharing experiences in order to improve their policies to fight racism, discrimination and xenophobia. Membership of the Coalition is limited to cities and district governments from the European countries with a democratically elected municipal council, which support the Association’s purposes. 

Among the main goal: Fighting any form of racism and discrimination at a municipal level and thus making a contribution to safeguarding and promoting human rights and respect for diversity in Europe.

In the last years Eccar put a particular attention on sport as powerful instrument to combact each form of discrimination, and in this sense has promoted this programme and an conference in Liege, where we presented the Mondiali Antirazzisti and this specific project.