The Piazza antirazzista is a cosmopolitan square that was born as a meeting and sharing point where the different groups present at the Mondiali Antirazzisti can bring their testimony.
This will be the meeting place, the heart of the debates and the cultural part of the party.
The beauty of this square comes from your contribution as it is set up collectively with the contributions that each team brings. A mosaic of voluntary testimony aimed at making known to evryone the contribution that certain groups spend in the social, such as their history… but not only.

It is no coincidence that the award we consider to be among the most important is that ones of Piazza Antirazzista that allows the sharing of values and ideas. But be very careful! You can give free rein to your creativity! In the last edition this award was won by our friends, the LOWEN – FANS GEGEN RECHTS thanks to their contribution have managed to fully understand the values of this square, thanks to a work that has been able to attract attention by making known to the others the their work and their history, to which they added a special touch by offering a shot of tequila. this idea was able to creating a new meeting point and dialogue.