The network of friends of the Mondiali Antirazzisti is a very wide network that extends beyond the Italian borders.

In Germany, thanks to the contribution of the ECCAR network, a series of initiatives have been undertaken with a view to approaching and continuing the road traced by the world.

Specifically, we are talking about the Mondiali Antirazzisti Journey on project, made by our friends of CHAMPIONS ohne GRENZEN (CHoG) who through their network have undertaken several actions in Berlin to promote participation and diversity in football, at the level of play and coaching .

CHoG took an active role in the program “Gesellschaftsspiele – ein (kritisches) Begleitprogramm zur WM” (company games / work shops) allowing the development, discussion and experience of critical points of view on the way in which football is exploited and mediated in the FIFA Men’s World Cup.
Collaborating with the “freedom of movement” team, a team of black female refugees from Berlin, CHoG was able to create a friendly tournament consisting of mixed teams, both by gender and nationality. In addition, the CHoG team has been able to reach a much wider audience, on the role that refugees can have and already have in football through the organization of round tables on diversity in football.

One of the noteworthy initiatives undertaken by CHoG within this project is the organization of a very interesting “Start2Coach” program.
The basic idea is to create a win-win path that comes from a simple analysis of the daily football reality of that area.

There are many young people who want to play football, just as there are many teams willing to entertain these new generations in what is undoubtedly the most loved sport in the world. Unfortunately, sports associations often struggle to find coaches who are able to devote time to teams, especially those of the youngest ones. The idea behind Star2Coach is to bring these two realities, sports associations, and refugees to a meeting. Many refugees love football and have time, desire and interest to take responsibility for managing a team. Therefore the goal is to eliminate the inevitable obstacles facing this reality, qualifying refugees according to their current needs through training workshops, and putting them in touch with the sports clubs involved with whom to create tandems with coaches more experienced in a relationship where the real winner is the society.