United Glasgow Football Club and Show Racism the Red Card thanks to the contribution of the ECCAR network have joined forces to manage two wonderful events organized in June linked with the projects Mondiali Antirazzisti Journey on, as a rapprochement to the Mondiali Antirazzisti organized by UISP.

Glasgow’s first  Mondiali Antirazzisti was hosted at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, attended by primary schools.

In this festive atmosphere, thanks to the football tournament and educational workshops the young primary school children have been able to understand the importance of anti-racism in order to break down the stereotypes on immigration in order to have a healthier society for everyone.

The tournament in that climate typical of the Mondiali Antirazzisti in which the important thing is not to win but to learn that the differences that frighten us so much are only the imaginary walls that fall down when we enter into contact with each other, the stranger, the unknown immigrant because stereotypes are just stereotypes, and nothing more.

In this atmosphere the tournament encouraged the formation of mixed teams both by gender and by school, playing in a non-competitive spirit with the goal of participating all together in a beautiful antiracist party.