The last event in chronological order of the six sponsored with the ECCAR contribution was held in Wien on 25-26 August within the tenth edition of the “Goodball Cup“.

The tournament took place in adverse weather conditions, but the weather don’t stop anybody. the evnt started in a reduced mode, but that was nevertheless able to transmit those values that belong to all the participants of the “journey on Mondiali Antirazzisti”.

25 football teams faced each other in a festive atmosphere, accompanied by the music of the DJ of the “Firefly club”, an association for the training of people with mental disabilities.

In line with Goodball’s motto “support and encouragement instead of scare tactics” , the proceeds of the event, which was attended by around 350 people, will be donated to five charity projects.

All projects dedicated to the inclusion of asylum seekers and refuge in Austria providing sporting and cultural activities.