Within the project Journey on made possible thanks to the ECCAR contribution that allowed to realize 6 different events in 6 different cities, constituting the wonderful background of the world antiracist races. The first of these 6 events was held in Rome by the Liberi Nantes on 18-19 May at its sports infrastructure XXV April linked to the celebration of its tenth anniversary.

The Liberi Nantes are born from the Mondiali Antirazzisti and have been able to transmit the essence of the Mondiali even in their small but big event. The football tournament took place over a period of 2 days in which refugees, asylum seekers living in the reception centers of Rome, volunteers from various organizations, cultural mediators and many people the just come for join the festival.

The first day no match was going on, but some representatives of the teams were invited to the inauguration of the artistic installations and discussions on the theme of the reception of refugees.

On the 19th the tournament came alive showing all its madness for the goliardic and friendship atmosphere in a tournament that was really far by been competitive. The teams played 9vs9 for 25 minutes each with 7 crazy rules that could be inserted at the discretion of the referees.

The rules have been designed to allow everyone to play in an atmosphere of solidarity in which nobody cares about the result. You have to think that we have no idea how the games have ended, “crazy!”

At the end of the tournaments, the captains of all the teams received a award consisting in a frame created by the boys Refugees ScArt containing a picture taken before the start of the tournament with all the other participants.

The event was a small but big event that count on 80-100 players without counting all the spectators. A tournament that has been able to show the importance and the beauty of solidarity that an inclusive city should always show.