No Borders Cup @ Bologna
Jun 1 – Jun 30 all-day
No Borders Cup @ Bologna

A month of evening activities, where a free soccer, basketball and free volleyball tournament, rugby training, rollerderby training is held.

Projections of the FIFA World Football Women’s and Africa Cup.

Full program soon

SPOP – Festival of music and popular sport @ Capo di Ponte (BS)
Jun 28 – Jun 30 all-day

Third Edition for this 3 days of tournaments and performances of football, beach volleyball, bowls, climbing, rugby, slackline, aerial fabrics, card games, boxing, muay thai, tug of war and so on and so forth.

Along with sports, two musical evenings, book presentations, a puppet show, activities for children and craft stalls. Possibility to camp in the park under the embrace of the Concarena.

We will soon communicate the complete program.

Mondiali Antirazzisti in Riace @ Riace (RC)
Jul 5 – Jul 7 all-day
[:it]Mondiali Antirazzisti a Riace[:en]Mondiali Antirazzisti in Riace[:de]Mondiali Antirazzisti in Riace[:fr]Mondiali Antirazzisti in Riace[:] @ Riace (RC)

Football and volleyball tournament … and much more!

Mondiali Antirazzisti in Prato @ Prato
Jul 6 @ 09:30 – 22:30
[:it]Mondiali Antirazzisti a Prato[:en]Mondiali Antirazzisti in Prato[:de]Mondiali Antirazzisti in Prato[:fr]Mondiali Antirazzisti in Prato[:] @ Prato

The Polisportiva “Il Sogno” A.S.D. in collaboration with the Association Cieli Aperti and with the Uisp Prato, and with the patronage of the Municipality of Prato, proposes for 2019 the new edition of “Sport without borders”.

With this project we intend to give continuity and enhance the action carried out to date in the Prato area, creating recreational-sports events and socialization initiatives aimed in particular at young people aged 13 to 16 and young people between 16 and 25, especially migrants, who, for socio-economic reasons -cultural, they are excluded from competitive sports, but they have an interest in practicing sport and dealing with other local realities.

The project was carried out in several stages to arrive at the final one the organization of the Mondiali Antirazzisti in Prato. Following the typical structure of the Mondiali, football tournaments will be held for 7, basketball and volleyball and for recreational activities for children and teenagers.

A spaceof refreshment and conviviality is also provided for all participants.

Local teams and neighboring municipalities will be present.

(Italiano) Mondiali Antirazzisti a Brescia @ Collebeato (Brescia)
Jul 7 all-day
[:it]Mondiali Antirazzisti a Brescia[:] @ Collebeato (Brescia) | Collebeato | Lombardia | Italia

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Mondiali Antirazzisti Firenze @ Parco delle Cascine
Aug 29 – Sep 1 all-day
Mondiali Antirazzisti Firenze @ Parco delle Cascine

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Mundialito Social Camp @ Monza
Sep 13 – Sep 14 all-day
[:it]Mundialito Social Camp[:en]Mundialito Social Camp[:] @ Monza


The traditional September event dedicated to popular sport, for seven editions held on the “Enrico Bracesco” field in Via Rosmini, will take shape in the public gardens of via Pier della Francesca.This choice to give continuity to the consolidated path of initiatives in the city, from book presentations to itinerant cineforums, which constitutes an effective tool to redesign the city’s geography together, rediscover the sense of bringing common spaces and neighborhoods to life, building in a self-organized way moments capable of breaking up the dominant paradigm of fear, paranoia, and security delusions.To achieve these goals, popular sport is another effective tool: people confronting each other on and off the pitch, breaking down physical boundaries and mental, respect-based initiatives e d fair play, an intrinsically anti-racist vocation, are some of the factors that have always driven us to promote these aggregation practices. In addition to this, the eighth edition of the Mundialito is enriched with many other contents, starting from music with an afternoon and an evening dedicated to hip hop, to the involvement of the popular gym with training and boxing demonstrations open to all, to the presence of banquets with serigraphic self-productions and publications of independent publishing.

Mondiali – the Nordic Edition @ Gymerikhøjskolen in Ollerup
Nov 29 @ 18:00 – Dec 1 @ 11:00
[:it]Mondiali - the Nordic Edition[:en]Mondiali - the Nordic Edition[:] @ Gymerikhøjskolen in Ollerup

During Mondiali Antirazzisti in Bosco Albergati, thanks to the Eyess project we hosted a group of young Europeans from various parts of Europe. They studied the methodology of the Mondiali, they learned how to build a sporting event based on the concept of social inclusion, they enjoyed playing with us and they helped us during the days. The aim was to present something similar in their own countries, starting from their context with the aim of raising up antiracist actions at all levels.
In these days our Danish friends of the Ollerup Physical Education Academy are organizing the Nordic Mondiali.
From November 29th to December 1st everyone is invited to participate in a dodgeball tournament focused on being community, understanding and equality. The event will also feature music and cultural moments, which will allow for exchange and debate.
Participants will stay in a cozy indoor camp setting up for the occasion in a school to offer everybody the possibility to enjoy a fun weekend, where everyone has the opportunity to play laugh and have fun, but also to provide a basis for greater understanding and acceptance between different social groups in the community.
In fact, the main goal of the Nordic Mondiali is to break down the barriers and prejudices between different social groups. The idea is that different minority groups as well as general community groups meet on equal footing around ball games and socializing.